What is Public Cloud?

As the era progresses towards digitalization, the presence of the cloud-managed networks is increasingly needed and is considered as important in meeting needs. Cloud, which allows users to store data by providing a large capacity, is considered capable of playing a very important role. Especially in the business world.

For those of you who run a business, you can’t be separated from the name cloud. Cloud is a profitable service that can be enjoyed by anyone because of its nature which is available to the public.

Understanding Public Cloud

Public cloud is a cloud service provided by certain parties and has an infrastructure network that is spread all over the world so that this service can be used by anyone. Besides, this public cloud service can usually be enjoyed at no cost.

What You Need To Look For When Using The Public Cloud

Because this service can be used by anyone, you also have to understand the risks. Not all public cloud service providers guarantee the data that is stored there, so if your company is large enough and customer privacy is your top priority, you should think carefully before using this public cloud service. However, if your company is not engaged in service or data privacy is not a problem for you, then this public cloud is sufficient as a solution.

Besides, as previously mentioned, to be able to access the public cloud you must have an internet network, so your access is mostly influenced by internet network conditions. If your internet network is smooth, access to the public cloud is not a problem and you can upload or download data smoothly at any time, while problems arise if you do not have a stable enough connection to access the data.

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