The Beginner’s Guide to Uniforms

A Look Into Scrubs And How They Help Surgical Doctors And Other Staff In The Hospital And Outside.

The medical field is one of the most evolved fields in the history of man. The conduct of medicine and how it is practiced is the main effect for this change. For example in the past, medical practitioners relied on their knowledge and only what they knew about treating a particular disease. Today there are a lot of resource that make medical research easy. The mortality rate out of diseases in the past was very high as compared to now.

A notable improvement is in the area of clothing in the hospitals and when treating patients. Clothing was never an issue in the past but until the medical field started improving, this was not left behind. In the wake of medical technology and procedure, whatever cloth the surgeon had was okay. Butcher’s aprons were introduced in the theatre as professionals determined that it was going to prevent any kind of pathogens from affecting and infecting the patient and the whole procedure. In all this time, surgical operations were being conducted bare handedly.

At the recommendation of professionals, it was deemed right to protect and take caution at how the surgeons handled the patients and how they will protect themselves also from infections. This brought up the existence and use of gloves. Face masks were later introduced for the surgeons.

There was requirement for an extraordinary attire to be worn by every one of the surgeons and furthermore other staff. The theatre had to be put clean and this even applied on the attires.

A solution had to be found to help the case. Scrubs were introduced as the better option to this solution. It consists mainly of a short sleeved shirt and draw string pants and can also be worn with an overcoat or waist long jackets with no lapels.

Like any other invention, there has to be a way in which scrubs are worn or even cleaned. The number one rule is that it should not be worn with any other garment. Another very important rule also is that scrubs cannot be in bright colors more specifically white as it causes a strain in the eyes of staff.

Business people have not been left out when it comes to the investment in scrub production. being one of the main hospital attires, it makes the business very demanding. Many people have found the use of scrubs outside the hospitals to areas like prisons/

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