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Cornell University researchers have developed a semiconductor chip that can allow ever-smaller units to function at the higher frequencies needed for future 6G communication technology. While generative AI holds transformative promise for some, for others it heralds large-scale job losses and widespread moral and security challenges. Even if this technological revolution lives as a lot as its potential, it is clear its advantages will take years to reach Technology News customers and firms in poorer countries. March 6, 2024 • Prosecutors say on the identical time that Linwei Ding was working for Google and stealing the building blocks of its AI technology, he was additionally secretly employed by two China-based tech companies. Google stated Thursday it’s pausing its Gemini chatbot’s capability to generate individuals.

  • The European Union’s local weather company Copernicus says February, the winter as an entire and the world’s oceans set new high-temperature marks.
  • When it comes to buying any type of tech, it’s simple to choose the wrong thing.
  • LockBit claimed to be behind the Infosys intrusion in November, shortly after the Indian tech companies titan disclosed the “cybersecurity incident” affecting its US subsidiary, Infosys McCamish Systems aka IMS.
  • By breaking an intractable downside into smaller chunks, a deep-learning method identifies the optimum areas for thinning out traffic in a warehouse.