Check Out People Counting Sensor: Different Types You Can Choose

It doesn’t matter whether you’re running a business that relies on foot traffic, such as a retailing facility or shopping mall. It is vital to have a particular people’s counter that will provide you valuable insights.

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You should know that this particular technology would allow you to understand your customers’ occupancy patterns to organize and optimize your space to the relevant information you gather.

This is highly important for convenience stores and supermarkets because installing a door counter will increase your profits, analyze, build, and improve foot traffic trends.

As you can see, we can differentiate numerous benefits and reasons for using people counter sensors, which is why you need to consider the best one for your particular requirements.

The main problem is that market features a wide array of options, which means that it can be overwhelming to search without prior understanding.

We decided to present you with different types of people counting sensors to determine which one is the best for your particular requirements and needs.

1.Thermal Sensor

As the name suggests, thermal sensors can detect changes in temperature and heat in general. If you wish to place it on door counters, you can find thermal sensors to detect the light our bodies emit while we walk past it.

The best thing about this particular type of sensor is privacy because you will get anonymous data without breaking the law regarding obstruction of privacy.

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You can use it for any business that relies on foot traffic because it will help you detect patterns you can use to boost your business. Since they are anonymous, they are great for businesses that come with privacy requirements that you need to comply with.

The best businesses for these sensors include co-working areas, retailers, extensive facilities, and offices, among other things. Even though prices can vary depending on the features you will get, they are more affordable than video camera sensors.

You can place them at the entrance or in space, which will allow you to cover a wide array to count as many people as you can. Therefore, they are a highly affordable solution for businesses that wish to grow as time goes by.

Another important consideration is that you can find the latest options with lower maintenance and installation expenses. Some of them work based on batteries, which means you do not need an electric outlet or anything else.

Apart from the idea that you can use the battery for two years, you can install it in a matter of minutes, and no one will notice it.

By reducing expenses needed for installation and maintenance costs, you will be able to save yourself both money and time, especially since you need plenty of them to handle an entire store.

2.Video Camera Sensors

Compared with thermal sensors, camera sensors can identify people that are walking by them. Check out this guide: to learn everything about video cameras and privacy laws.

You probably already have numerous security cameras in your retail store. Still, sensors are different because they tend to focus on foot traffic, which means that they will count people actively.

They are useful for handling large groups, which is not something you can do with a thermal sensor. You can use it anywhere around your business premises, depending on foot traffic and density.

The best-case scenario is to place it near doors and storefronts so that you can count the people that come in and out. When it comes to the overall price, you can find numerous options available on the market, which means that everything depends on your budget capabilities.

However, this particular technology is more expensive than thermal sensors because it comes with maintenance, setup, and installation fees.

The most incredible benefits of these sensors are that you will get accurate options to count people who go in and out of your store.

At the same time, you will get a clear picture of every single customer that walks into your store, which is why you can understand the demographics, age, and gender of your visitors.

On the other hand, they come with certain limitations, especially since you will need electricity to power them up. Therefore, the installation can be both expensive and time-consuming because you need to find certified professionals to set them up.

Besides, you should consider the space you wish to cover, which means you will need more than one to be as accurate as possible.

Compared with thermal sensors, this particular technology comes with privacy concerns, which is why you should consider privacy laws before you decide to install them.

3.Wi-Fi Sensors

You can also find door counters that operate by using a wireless network, which means you can control it by connecting it with a mobile device. They rely on a Wi-Fi network for connection, which is something you need to remember.

Similarly, as other counters, as people enter your premises, the sensor will detect the devices and count them. They are perfect for vast areas that you cannot cover with other sensors. For instance, if you are a large retailer or you own considerable office space.

Remember to check here so that you can learn everything about wireless network in general.

You should know that they are not affordable than other options, but you will need only one for an entire area. Simultaneously, they are simple to install and maintain, which means that you can rest assured after buying them.