98% of mayors surveyed believe this disheartening projection

Regardless of where in the country you live, the role of city mayors has never been more in the spotlight. As national politicians flounder, much of the task of leading American cities through the greatest public health and social justice crises in more than a generation falls to them. 

And yet, mayors will have fewer resources at their disposal with which to meet these challenges than any time in recent memory. That’s according to a new survey from Siemens U.S.A. and the U.S. Conference of Mayors, which took the pulse of the people in charge of U.S. cities in one of the most turbulent and divided moments in the country’s history. The survey was carried out by The Harris Poll at the end of August among 124 mayors of U.S. cities with a population size of 30,000 or more. 

The results paint a strikingly unified experience for a country

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Project management: Four ways CTOs can make a difference

Technological expertise is in higher demand than ever before – and that need is leading to a rise in the prominence of CTOs.

Businesses were already looking for technologists that could help them exploit digital and data; add in the impact of the coronavirus pandemic – and the rapid establishment of cloud-based remote-working strategies – and the demand has become acute this year.

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So how can a CTO make the most impact? Mark Holt, who’s been CTO at transport specialist Trainline for more than six years, knows the role better than most. Here’s the characteristics than he says define a great CTO.

1. Have the right knowledge for the gig

While some organisations have CIOs, there seems to be an increasing trend for blue-chip firms to appoint CTOs. Holt recognises that the CTO-versus-CIO battleground has been fought over for

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Microsoft: These patches aim to make Linux run as root partition on Hyper-V

Microsoft has submitted a series of patches to Linux kernel developers requesting that Linux run as the root partition on the Hyper-V, its hypervisor software for running Windows and non-Windows instances on hardware. 

Microsoft “wants to create a complete virtualization stack with Linux and Microsoft Hypervisor”, according to Microsoft principle software engineer Wei Liu. 

Liu has proposed an RFC or request for comment that for now merely implements what are only the “absolutely necessary components to get things running”.  

“There will be a subsequent patch series to provide a device node (/dev/mshv) such that userspace programs can create and run virtual machines. We’ve also ported Cloud Hypervisor over and have been able to boot a Linux guest with Virtio devices since late July.”

Cloud Hypervisor is an experimental open-source hypervisor implementation from Intel written in the Rust programming language. It’s a virtual-machine monitor that runs on top of KVM, the

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Tencent expanding Singapore footprint to drive SEA expansion

Tencent is looking to set up its Southeast Asian base in Singapore where it currently is looking to fill dozens of job positions. The move comes amidst China’s worsening relations with the US and India, which have led to Chinese apps being banned in both countries. 

In a statement sent to ZDNet and other media outlets, Tencent said it was “expanding its business presence” in Singapore to support the company’s expansion in Southeast Asia. It added that the new Singapore office would be a “strategic addition” to its current offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. 

Tencent added that the new outfit would allow the company to tap the rapid pace of digitisation and meet demand for internet-based services in Singapore. It did not provide any investment figures.

A quick check on LinkedIn showed dozens of job openings in the city-state from the Chinese tech giant, including roles in business development,

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Doogee S88 Pro: Rugged Android 10 smartphone with a massive battery

If you’re into “thin and light” smartphones, the Doogee S88 Pro is not of you. But if you are looking for a rugged Android 10 smartphone that has a huge screen, powerful processor, lots of RAM and storage, and a massive battery, this could be the handset for you.

Look outside of the iPhones and makers like Samsung and Motorola, and you find some really interesting and very practical handsets. One such maker is Doogee.

I’ve covered a few Doogee handsets over the months, from the formidable S68 Pro, to the cheap X95 and N20 Pro.

Each and every one was a great handset in its own way, and the S88 Pro is no different.

Must read: This $35 accessory can save MacBook buyers hundreds of dollars

The Doogee S88 Pro is big and chunky and rugged and overbuilt. It’s big for urban use compared to modern handsets,

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Nvidia close to acquiring Arm from SoftBank for more than $40B, says WSJ

SoftBank will reportedly sell Arm to Nvidia in a deal valued at more than $40 billion in a transaction that will create a chip behemoth.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Nvidia would buy Arm with cash and stock. SoftBank bought Arm for $32 billion in a deal that was aimed at Internet of things, 5G and licensing the technology that powers the mobile industry.

Nvidia and Arm have been in exclusive talks with a deal done early next week, reported the Journal. Talks between the two companies were reported in July by the Financial Times and Bloomberg. The value of Arm has gone up since that first report, which valued a deal at more than $32 billion.

What’s unclear is how regulators around the world would view the deal. Nvidia is a graphics processor powerhouse and has moved into data centers and workloads for cloud and

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