Orange Wholesale unveils eSIM first for France

Orange Wholesale France (OWF) has launched an embedded SIM (eSIM) for light mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), partnering with Prixtel to become the first French MVNO to be supplied wholesale to offer such technology to its customers.

The eSIM is designed to remove physical SIM cards for improved user experience. With an eSIM, consumers will be able to manage new subscriptions – or transfer existing ones – to eSIM-enabled devices in seconds, without having to visit a retail store. The number of eSIM devices is predicted to increase rapidly, reaching billions of users in the next few years.

Ovum’s Device sales forecast report: 2019-24 predicted in January 2020 that this year, 5% of all smartphones will be eSIM, and that this number will increase to 20% by 2024.

The tech firm sees six key use cases for eSIM: connected devices, adding other devices to an existing bundle in a few

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Radius aims to get ahead of the curve with new telecoms division

Radius Payment Solutions has launched a new division to work with businesses across the UK on how they implement, connect and manage their telecoms operations.

The new Radius Connect business will have a subscriber base of over 70,000 customers across mobile and fixed line services and will bring together three acquisitions. It provides customers with access to multiple telecommunications providers, mobile networks and technology, as well as independent consulting services and implementation support.

The company can provide services based on systems from tech providers such as Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Avaya and 8×8, as well as services from BT, EE, Gamma, O2 and Vodafone.

Radius said that with the UK government increasing its investment in 5G networking technology and committing to further expansion, the availability of faster networking will support more efficient and more connected working practices for businesses across the country. Radius added that the industries it is involved

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Cops take out encrypted comms to disrupt organised crime

The EncroChat encrypted communications platform has been infiltrated and taken out by the collaborative efforts of law enforcement agencies from across Europe, including the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA), resulting in massive disruption to organised criminal activity.

A major provider of encrypted communications and supplier of a secure mobile phone instant messaging service, EncroChat’s encryption was cracked by Dutch and French law enforcement agencies some time ago.

The bespoke platform was found to have 60,000 users worldwide and about 10,000 in the UK. The NCA said its sole use was for coordinating and planning the distribution of illicit commodities, money laundering, and even plotting to murder rivals.

The resulting effort in the UK, dubbed Operation Venetic, has so far resulted in 746 arrests and the seizure of £54m in cash, 77 illegal firearms including AK47 assault rifles, submachine guns and grenades, and two tonnes of class A and B drugs

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Virgin Media, Cisco unveil first-ever commercial deployment of OpenRoaming at Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf Group (CWG), owner of one the largest business centres in Europe, together with Cisco and Virgin Media, has announced the first European commercial deployment of wireless connectivity based on the new OpenRoaming standard for residents on the London Docklands estate, who are demanding access to advanced digital infrastructure.

Combining the convenience of mobile roaming with Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, OpenRoaming allows devices to connect securely and automatically to Wi-Fi networks and roam seamlessly from one hotspot to another without the user needing to log in.

It is built on a set of standards and guidelines developed by the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) and the Wi-Fi Alliance, and will now be adopted as an industry-wide initiative, led by the WBA. The standard is said to have seen tremendous growth in the past year and is expected to play a crucial role in delivering great mobile experiences and ushering in

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Three counts on Amdocs to support enterprise business expansion

Three has engaged Amdocs as the prime systems integrator in a multi-year managed services deal, as part of its plans to build an omni-channel digital business system to grow its business-to-business (B2B) services in the UK.

In the partnership, Amdocs says it will go beyond mobile and deliver world-class digital consumer-like customer experiences to enterprises. It is contracted to enable Three UK to provide its enterprise customers with what it calls “innovative” services that can be deployed and scaled on demand, enabling faster time to market and an enhanced customer experience.

“We have an ambitious plan for the growth of our enterprise operations, building on the successful launch of our SME offer, Three Means Business, in 2019,” said Elaine Carey, chief commercial officer at Three UK & Ireland.

“This partnership with Amdocs will enable us to create modern and innovative solutions that will challenge the status quo and meet the

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Remote workforce demands ‘hybrid working’, not the end of the office in the ‘better normal’

As companies engage with the problem of how best to redeploy staff who have been used to working at home for months, more than three-quarters (77%) of UK employees say a mix of office-based and remote working is the best way forward post-Covid-19, according to new research by the Adecco Group UK and Ireland.

The HR solutions company’s global study Resetting normal: defining the new era of work takes as its basepoint the fact that a new era of work is here and says that businesses, emerging from the pandemic, have a unique opportunity to shape how, when and where people will work in the years to come.

In short, Adecco argues for a “better normal”. The study questions whether businesses are ready to take on this challenge. In particular, it examines what leadership skills executives will need to facilitate this change and what new skills will be critical to

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