Microsoft Edge to get a web screenshot utility

Microsoft Edge will soon get support for a web capture utility that will allow browser users to take screenshots of web pages.

Called “Web capture,” the new screenshotting tool is currently being tested in Edge Insider channels (Edge Dev and Edge Canary builds) before being added to the main Edge browser.

The feature isn’t new. The initial version of Edge, built on Microsoft’s proprietary EdgeHTML engine, supported a web capture utility.

The new screenshot tool being added now is a port of the old feature, but for Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Edge browser.

To use the new web capture utility, users have four methods at their disposal.

1. Keybpard shortcut: CTRL+Shift+S

2. Right-click menu -> Web capture

Image: ZDNet


3. Use the More/Settings menu () in the top-right corner of the browser and select Web capture.


Image: ZDNet

4. Add a button to the Edge

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Landmark waiver lets drones fly into fire

A landmark emergency waiver granted by the FAA has allowed Verizon to deploy industrial drones to inspect their critical infrastructure during the US wildfires, ensuring first responders have reliable communications for disaster response. The drones are made by a company called Percepto, which are currently operating beyond-line-of-sight for this emergency deployment.

The FAA granted Skyward, A Verizon company, a temporary waiver that allows company pilots to fly the Percepto Sparrow drone from their homes to inspect critical communications infrastructure near the Big Hollow wildfire in Washington. The waiver permits operations 24 hours a day, with less than 3 miles of visibility and no pilot or observer on site. This is the first time a Beyond the Visual Line Of Sight waiver has been granted that allows pilots to control the drone from home. 

The Sparrow drone platform is already able to land in high winds and in snow.

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Microsoft aims to sharpen edge, 5G deployment with Azure for Operators

In what the company says starts a new chapter in its engagement with the telecommunications industry to address the requirements of rolling out 5G, unlocking the power of such networks and bringing cloud and edge closer than ever, Microsoft has launched the Azure for Operators initiative.

Explaining the rationale for the new initiative, Microsoft says that in developing next-generation networks and services operators will face strong challenges, including high capital expenditure (CapEx) investments, an increased need for scale, automation, and secure management of the massive volume of data it will generate.

Furthermore, it sees the increasing demand for always-on connectivity, immersive experiences, secure collaboration and remote human relationships pushing networks to their limits, while the market is driving down price.

This means network infrastructures must ensure operators are able to optimise costs and gain efficiencies while enabling the development of personalised and differentiated services.

Microsoft describes the initiative as

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A look at how Facebook is weaving Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp together even as it comes under increasing scrutiny from watchdogs and regulators (Harry McCracken/Fast Company)

Harry McCracken / Fast Company:

A look at how Facebook is weaving Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp together even as it comes under increasing scrutiny from watchdogs and regulators  —  The social behemoth is weaving together Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp even as watchdogs and regulators close in.… Read More

Dell upgrades XPS 13 laptops with Intel’s new Tiger Lake processors

Dell XPS 13 2-in-1

With Intel launching its latest batch of mobile processors — the 11th-generation Tiger Lake family — system makers are starting to announce new and updated laptops (even Chromebooks) that will take advantage to the performance boost and improved Iris Xe integrated graphics. Today Dell joins the roll-out with a refresh of one of the most popular Windows notebook lineups with Tiger Lake now inside.

The XPS 13 and its variants — the XPS 13 2-in-1 and the Linux-equipped XPS 13 Developer Edition — are just the type of thin-and-light systems (all under 3 pounds) for which Tiger Lake was designed. Using updated LPDDR4 RAM (8GB to 32GB in the case of the XPS), the Iris Xe receives a substantial boost over previous Intel integrated GPU, while the 10-nanometer CPUs unlock more performance from each core without cutting into battery life. New XPS configurations will be

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Google to Android developers: Your apps must use our in-app billing by this new deadline

Google is giving all Android app developers until September 31, 2021 to adopt its in-app billing system for apps distributed on the Google Play Store used to sell digital goods. The company also says the same rules will apply to its own apps. 

The move is designed to stop the small share of some very popular apps, such as Netflix, Spotify, and Epic, from bypassing Google Play in-app billing and the 30{11a436f66830eb13993988d28ae9a82dcb17c6650a894077d534e592200cfa64} cut Google takes from those transactions. 

As Google explains in a blogpost, it’s always required developers who distribute their apps on Google Play to use its billing system if they offer in-app purchases of digital goods, such as subscriptions. And the company says the new policy enforcement is applicable to less than 3{11a436f66830eb13993988d28ae9a82dcb17c6650a894077d534e592200cfa64} of developers with apps on Google Play. 

“We have clarified the language in our Payments Policy to be more explicit that all developers selling digital

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