Ex-Windows boss: Apple’s Arm-based ‘Mac will be the ultimate developer PC’

Former Microsoft Windows chief Steven Sinofsky reckons the new Arm-based Apple silicon Mac will become the “ultimate developer PC”. 

According to Sinofsky, Apple’s shift to Arm is the death knell for Intel and potentially Windows too, with the Arm-based Mac set to become the preferred platform for software developers.

“In two years, there is only Arm hardware and in four Intel will be ancient memory. The ecosystem will have rolled over. And Mac will be the ultimate developer PC. iPad will be used for more and more ‘work’,” he said in a Twitter post, sub-tweeting a comment about Arm-based Macs from well-known developer Steve Troughton-Smith.

Troughton-Smith raised the issue of Apple’s macOS laptops and desktops lacking iOS touchscreen support. With the transition to Arm, it’s an open question whether Apple will release a MacBook or iMac with a touchscreen. 

Apple’s Universal App Quick Start Program offers developers Mac

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MPs to examine fairness of private prosecutions in light of Post Office IT scandal

MPs sitting on the Justice Committee are to examine the regulations surrounding private prosecutions after subpostmaster prosecutions by the Post Office were sent to the Court of Appeal.

The Post Office’s method of pursuing subpostmasters who had unexplained losses in their branch accounts included threatening and pursuing private prosecutions.

There have been many hundreds of prosecutions since the Post Office introduced its Horizon accounting and retail system in 2000. Since then, many subpostmasters experienced unexplained losses, which they suspected was caused by the computer system. But the Post Office blamed them and used its power to prosecute them.

In 2009, Computer Weekly revealed that subpostmasters were forced to pay back the unexplained losses and some received prison sentences. There have also been suicides linked to the scandal (see timeline below).

But a recent multimillion-pound High Court trial proved subpostmasters were right that errors in the Horizon system

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Nokia scores exclusive 5G deal with Taiwan Mobile

Nokia has picked up an exclusive €400 million deal with Taiwan Mobile (TWM) that will see Taiwan’s second-largest mobile operator use its 5G radios, core, and IP multimedia subsystem.

It is planned that Taiwan Mobile’s network will shift from non-standalone operations to standalone 5G in three years. The telco will also be using Nokia cloud and security software.

“Nokia is a longstanding partner of TWM and has previously provided its 2G, 3G, and 4G mobile networks. Nokia has made several key contributions to TWM’s 5G development including a demonstration of a 5G network with extended coverage at the Xinzhuang Baseball Stadium in New Taipei City,” Nokia said in a statement.

“They claimed 60MHz in the 3.5GHz band and 200MHz in the 28GHz band in the country’s spectrum auction in January.”

In March, Nokia picked up a piece of the 5G radio network for Taiwan Mobile’s biggest rival, Chunghwa Telecom.


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Nokia nets exclusive Taiwan Mobile 5G deal

In a huge win for Nokia that will not only bring in around €400m over three years, but will also establish it as a leading player in a key region, Taiwan Mobile (TWM) has selected the Finnish telco as the sole supplier of its 5G network in a three-year framework contract.

In the 5G era, TWM is repositioning itself as a next-generation technology company focusing on telecommunications, the internet, media and entertainment, and e-commerce, with an emphasis on sustainability. In Taiwan’s spectrum auction in January 2020, the operator claimed 60MHz in the 3.5GHz band and 200MHz in the 28GHz band.

Nokia is a long-standing partner of TWM, making several contributions to the Taiwanese operator’s 5G development, including a demonstration of a 5G network with extended coverage at the Xinzhuang Baseball Stadium in New Taipei City.

In this new deployment, Nokia said it will support the company in its efforts to

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Microsoft Edge is stealing Chrome users’ data? I asked Microsoft if it’s true

A window into edgy, sneaky competition?

I have a weakness for drama.

Especially when it involves espionage, sneaky behavior and uncontrolled anger.

I binge-ate a large bucket of hibiscus-flavored popcorn, therefore, when I heard that some Chrome and Firefox users were accusing Microsoft of underhand activities.

I was alerted to a Reddit thread that offered disturbing allegations. Sample from Redditor krankie: “I was immediately annoyed at how invasive this is. I’m a software developer so I’m sensitive to these sort of UI tricks.”

And I’m sensitive to the beginnings of a feisty ruckus. When the likes of Microsoft raises a software developer’s hackles, you have the makings of a scurrilous saga.

In this case, these Redditors said that Microsoft is foisting its new Edge browser on the unsuspecting in Windows 10.

Redditor krankie continued: “No option to get rid of the window, you cannot close Edge with the mouse

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Department of Finance dismisses idea of discretionary NBN write-down

The Department of Finance has attempted to pour cold water on the idea of writing down the value of the National Broadband Network, stating that any movements in value are dictated by accounting standards.

“The value of NBN in government funded statements is in line with the Australian accounting standards. So there isn’t an ability for the government to unilaterally choose to write down or determine the value of NBN,” Department of Finance first assistant secretary for financial analysis, reporting and management, governance and resource management Tracy Carroll told the Joint Standing Committee on the National Broadband Network on Friday.

“For the financial year most recently completed, NBN is valued on the basis of the net assets. There’s a process being undertaken right now, for the financial year that will end on 30 June 2020, to consider what’s the appropriate value for the NBN that would be reflected.”

Carroll added

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