All the security features added in the Windows 10 May 2020 update

The Windows 10 May 2020 update, also known as Windows 10 2004, has started rolling out to users today.

This new Windows 10 version comes with many new features, detailed in a previous ZDNet article, here, including the likes of a revamped Network Status page, the addition of GPU card temperatures to the Task Manager, and a new Cortana experience.

However, the Windows 10 2004 version also comes with improvements on the security front, which Microsoft claims will help keep Windows 10 users safe going forward.

Below is a list of all the new features, which we plan to update as we uncover new features in the coming days.

Windows Sandbox improvements

Last year, Microsoft introduced the Windows Sandbox on all Windows versions with the release of v1903. The Windows Sandbox component allows users to launch a virtual machine running a stripped down version of Windows 10. Since

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Verizon CTO declares 5G rollout is ahead of schedule

Verizon executive vice president and chief technology officer Kyle Malady has confirmed despite having to briefly shift its focus to assist customers and its own internal business to deal with the new way of working arising out of the coronavirus pandemic, plans for its 5G rollout across the United States is ahead of schedule.

“I’m happy to report we’re ahead of plans right now in 5G in the United States,” he told ZDNet.

“We have an aggressive goal. We weren’t exactly sure how COVID was going to impact us, especially in terms of getting permits and the ability to put up towers and get our fibres in, but once again, a roadblock shows up, we figure out ways to work it, so we can continue to move along.

“Initially I was very nervous about it, but we are still on plan with all of our strategic initiatives so far.”

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Three-quarters of people expect to work remotely more often after the lockdown

In a consequence of the Covid-19 lockdowns that could have profound implications for digital infrastructures, research from Dynata has found that the blurred lines between work and home life will become increasingly blurred, with many home workers wanting to preserve their new way or working.

In its The new normal report, the global online market research firm conducted 11,322 interviews between 30 April 2020 and 2 May 2020, using its propriety first-party research panels.

Interviews were conducted in 11 countries, with approximately 1,000 interviews per country. Countries covered were the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, China, Singapore and Australia. Quota controls were applied at the country level to ensure a balanced sample.

Among the key topline findings were that three-quarters of people expect to work from home more often after the lockdown, and almost two-fifths now want to work from home permanently. This is what the

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