Microsoft officially acknowledges Windows 10X is coming first to single-screen devices

Credit: ZDNet

Since taking over as head of Windows Experience/client in February, Chief Product Officer Panos Panay hasn’t said much about Windows’ future. But today, May 4, Panay is going on record about how he sees Windows evolving, going forward. And Windows 10X, the Windows 10 variant Microsoft officially unveiled last year, is one key to Panay’s vision.

Microsoft officials said last year that Windows10X — which we knew by its earlier “Santorini” and “Lite” codenames — was built to run on new Windows dual-screen devices. But in April, Microsoft changed direction and instead decided to prioritize new single-screen devices as the target for Windows 10X, as my sources told me. Today, in his blog post about the future of Windows, Panay officially acknowledges the single-screen focus for Windows 10X.

Microsoft’s official reason for targeting single-screen devices is the impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic on users’

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NatWest Bank shutters its app based bank after five months

NatWest is closing its consumer-facing app-based bank, known as Bó, and will focus on its small business digital banking offering, Mettle.

This comes just five months after the lunch of Bó.

In its latest quarterly financial results, NatWest parent Royal Bank of Scotland said the app-based bank will be integrated into mobile-based business account provider Mettle. “After careful consideration, we have made the decision to wind down Bó, and focus on our digital bank for SMEs,” said NatWest. “The technology that underpins Bó will be integrated as we develop Mettle to better support our SME customers, who play such a crucial role in our economy.”

NatWest added that the current Covid-19 pandemic was also a consideration. “This is more critical than ever, given the challenges we are all facing at this time.”

Bo, launched in November, was built in the cloud, separate from NatWest’s systems, with its own Faster

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IBM launches Watson AIOps, series of automation tools for IT operations, 5G and edge offerings

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Managing AI and ML in the Enterprise

The AI and ML deployments are well underway, but for CXOs the biggest issue will be managing these initiatives, and figuring out where the data science team fits in and what algorithms to buy versus build.

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IBM is launching Watson AIOps, a suite that uses artificial intelligence to automate IT infrastructure as part of a broader roll out of automation tools.

At its Think Digital 2020 virtual conference, Big Blue is positioning Watson AIOps as a way to improve business resiliency. That’s not a small topic given the COVID-19 pandemic has revamped work, processes and business practices in a few short weeks.

The other primary pitch for AIOps is that it can reduce costs in multi-cloud deployments as IT infrastructure now encompasses data centers, various public cloud providers as well as edge computing resources.

Rob Thomas, senior vice president

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SK Telecom, Deutsche Telekom form joint venture to combat coronavirus

SK Telecom has entered into a technology partnership with Deutsche Telekom to alleviate challenges caused by the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak.

The companies say that with the outbreak of the novel coronavirus throughout the globe, network infrastructure and online solutions are becoming ever more important to seamlessly support people’s new way of living. In response to this, executives from the two firms have discussed detailed plans to utilise their ICT, including 5G, artificial intelligence (AI) and mobile edge computing (MEC), to help improve the current situation and thoroughly prepare for the post-coronavirus era. 

SK Telecom and Deutsche Telekom have been working closely since 2016 to lead innovations in ICT, and this has seen the sharing of fixed and wireless technologies. Through their joint venture, the two leading operators will collaborate to expand the global 5G ecosystem by accelerating 5G deployment in Europe. As part of

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