Walmart quietly updates Onn tablets to Pro versions with Android 10

Walmart Onn Pro Android tablet

Walmart’s sales have been soaring during the pandemic as people rely on the retailing giant for basic home goods and groceries, and given the state of the world, may not want to make a big splash with new electronic offerings from its Onn house brand. Nonetheless, online sleuths have sniffed out a pair of new Onn tablets that provide upgrades over its first models announced nearly a year ago.

While it might be pushing things to label these new tablets as “Pro,” there are definite improvements over the specs of their predecessors. Perhaps most notably, the new Onn Tablet Pro slates — comprising a $99 8-inch and a $129 10.1-inch version — are running the latest edition of Android, Android 10. Walmart is also doubling the built-in storage, expanding to 32GB from the first gen’s 16 gigs, as well as upgrading the processor

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Mobile banking customers at risk from new EventBot trojan

Users of online retail banking, money transfer services and other financial services applications are warned to be on their guard against a new Android mobile banking trojan, dubbed EventBot, which is targeting users of more than 200 services across Europe and the US, including Barclays, CapitalOne, HSBC and Santander.

EventBot was first spotted in March this year and has been tracked extensively by researchers on Cybereason’s Nocturnus team. It abuses Android’s accessibility features in order to steal user data from applications, read SMS messages and steal SMS messages – the latter gives it the ability to bypass two-factor authentication.

Assaf Dahan, senior director and head of threat research at Cybereason, said there was every chance that EventBot could become the next big mobile malware threat, as it was clear its developers have invested time and effort to code a highly sophisticated and capable piece of software

“By accessing

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Google wants Australia to remove civil penalties from CLOUD Act-readying Bill

Google has raised a handful of concerns with Australia’s pending Telecommunications Legislation Amendment (International Production Orders) Bill 2020 (IPO Bill), including the Commonwealth’s choice of phrasing, the avenues proposed for record-sharing, and the Bill being at odds with the purpose of the United States’ Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act (CLOUD Act).

The IPO Bill is intended to amend the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act 1979 (TIA Act) to create a framework for Australian agencies to gain access to stored telecommunications data from foreign designated communication providers in countries that have an agreement with Australia, and vice versa. It would also remove the ability for nominated Administrative Appeals Tribunal members to issue certain warrants.

The Bill is a precondition for Australia to obtain a proposed bilateral agreement with the United States in order to implement the CLOUD Act.

The CLOUD Act creates a legal framework regulating how law enforcement

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Stark digital divide in US internet speed amid Covid-19 crisis

A study by global edge cloud platform Fastly looking at internet performance within median income brackets in the US has found a clear stratification of download speeds, indicating households with lower incomes are experiencing lower download speeds compared with households on higher incomes.

The study, carried out from February to April 2020, is the first in a series of data analyses on what the company sees as a digital divide – the unequal distribution of internet access across socio-economic and geographic lines.

To understand the impact of the digital divide on low-income families during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, Fastly used as a benchmark the 5-25Mbps range of bandwidth recommended by US regulator the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to support students and telecommuting. It compared the median download speed between 26 February and 21 April for five brackets of annual average income.

And while the company hypothesised that internet

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