System76 launches Lemur Pro, its lightest Linux laptop

System76 Lemur Pro Linux laptop

System76 has been manufacturing Linux-based PCs for over a decade, and the company continues to pump out new systems for those who prefer the “alternative” operating system to Windows hegemony. With its new Lemur Pro laptop, the company adds to its already formidable lineup of notebooks, desktops, and servers.

At just 2.2 pounds (and a mere 0.61 inches thick), the Lemur Pro is System76’s lightest laptop to date. Between the slim form factor and the latest Intel processors — not to mention the 73 Whr battery — the Lemur Pro promises great battery life, though the company is only providing claims in a cheeky fashion (10 hours to watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy, 16 hours for reading Wikipedia, 21 hours for coding with VIM). 

The Lemur Pro becomes the third System76 laptop to make use of 10th-generation (or Comet Lake) 14nm

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Meeting reviewing subpostmaster applications to appeal criminal prosecutions moves into second day

The Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) has extended its virtual meeting of commissioners reviewing subpostmaster applications to appeal criminal convictions linked to a faulty computer system.

The meeting, which began yesterday (24 March 2020), will continue into a second day, with details of when a further announcement will be made expected to follow quickly.

In January, the CCRC arranged the committee of commissioners meeting to consider subpostmasters’ applications to appeal against convictions for offences including theft that led to some being sent to jail. A recent High Court group litigation proved that faults in the Horizon IT system subpostmasters use in branches caused the losses they were prosecuted for.

The commissioners meeting looked in doubt due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, with meetings being cancelled to avoid spreading the coronavirus, but went ahead as planned yesterday using Microsoft Teams collaboration software.

The CCRC said the meeting had been extended into

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Aussie council body argues access to metadata would help thwart illegal activity

The Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) has argued that councils should be able to skirt metadata laws for the purpose of pursuing a breach of the law, citing high-crime activities such as illegal rubbish dumping and the removal of trees.

ALGA is a federation of state and territory local government associations. It considers itself the national voice of local government in Australia, representing 537 councils.

“ALGA’s view is that if metadata is required by council to pursue a breach of the law, council should be able to access the data to pursue criminal activities, such as illegal dumping, removal of trees, traffic offences, etc, if it is lawfully within their legislated powers,” ALGA wrote in its submission [PDF] to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security (PJCIS) and its review of Australia’s mandatory data retention regime.

“A balance has to be struck between lawfully pursuing criminal activity using this

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Virgin finds new data trends as it creates 500 contact centre jobs

As it battles with the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, UK cable network provider Virgin Media has taken steps to assure users of the fundamental strength of its service in the face of unprecedented strain and usage patterns.

Virgin said an intrinsic part of its basic job of keeping customers connected is to forecast demand. It noted that normally, its busiest times have been in the evening when people return from work and stream video content and that it has designed its network to cope with periods of very high demand, including traffic spikes during exceptional events.

But now, almost overnight, millions of customers have begun working from home, accessing and sharing files on corporate networks, joining video conferences or accessing online entertainment during periods of self-isolation. This extra usage is also generating new patterns in data usage across the network.

Virgin said traffic across its network is starting to

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