Cyber Monday 2019: Best Office Depot and OfficeMax deals

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The Cyber Monday ad for these merged office superstore chains doesn’t offer as many deals on laptops and desktops as their Black Friday ad, which is not entirely surprising given their continued (if shrinking) brick-and-mortar presence. Nonetheless, there are still plenty of specials available from Office Depot and OfficeMax if you didn’t buy a PC over the Black Friday weekend, including these highlights:

Best Cyber Monday 2019 Office Depot and OfficeMax deals

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HP Chromebook 14-db0070nr Touchscreen Laptop for $229 ($50 off)

No $100 Chromebook deal like Office Depot and OfficeMax promoted on Black Friday, this Cyber Monday special is for buyers who need something bigger than an 11.6-inch screen that the cheapest Chromebooks offer. This HP includes not only a 14-inch display but also one with touchscreen capabilities. An AMD A4 processor,

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Scammers using fake PayPal emails stole over £1m in the UK in last quarter

National fraud and cyber crime reporting centre Action Fraud said over 3,000 online crimes saw UK online sellers lose more than £1m to fraudsters in just three months.

Fraudsters duped people selling goods online through faking PayPal payment confirmation emails, which coaxed them into sending goods that had not been paid for.

A total of £1.12m worth of goods were stolen between October and the end of December in 2019, according to Action Fraud.

The organisation said scammers sent the victims emails that appeared to be from PayPal, confirming they had received payment for sold goods. They then sent emails requesting a tracking number, which hurries the seller. The victims then sent the goods without checking.

Pauline Smith, director at Action Fraud, said fraudsters will go to great lengths to target people on online marketplaces. “It’s really important to follow our advice to help protect yourself and always trust your

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US bans federals funds from being used on Huawei and ZTE equipment

United States companies are officially banned from using federal funds to purchase equipment from companies, such as Huawei and ZTE, that have been deemed as national security threats. 

Signed by US President Donald Trump last Thursday, the now-ratified Secure and Trusted Communications Networks Act prohibits federals funds from being used on equipment made by these companies. 

“This legislation will help protect our telecommunications infrastructure by prohibiting the use of federal funds to purchase equipment from companies that pose a national security threat,” a White House briefing release said on Thursday.

The laws also establish a $1 billion reimbursement program, called the Secure and Trusted Communications Networks Reimbursement Program, to help smaller providers with the cost of ripping out and replacing the prohibited equipment from Huawei and ZTE. 

The United States Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) has been collecting data from US carriers that use network gear from Huawei and ZTE to

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Ericsson to acquire MC-PTT provider Genaker

As the mission-critical push-to-talk (MC-PTT) market goes through what is regarded by many as a significant technology shift, Ericsson has signed an agreement to acquire all shares in MC-PTT provider Genaker.

Based in Barcelona, Genaker was founded in 2004 and employs around 30 people in providing enterprise services for professionals emulating real-time two-way radio communications using mobile handsets or smartphones.

Traditionally, public safety communications have relied on private land mobile radio (LMR) networks limited to simple push-to-talk (walkie-talkie) functionality. With increasing demand for exchange of other types of data, such as pictures and videos, the legacy LMR networks need to be replaced, and cellular networks have proven to be the best fit for existing and emerging requirements.

Ericsson has a history as a provider of mission-critical push-to-talk over 3GPP technology, and has been driving the standardisation from the start in 3GPP release 12. With the ongoing transformation of public safety

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