Windows 10 privacy: In new preview build, Microsoft tweaks telemetry settings

Network admins will soon have more options when they dive into Windows 10 telemetry settings

If there’s one message to take away from the latest batch of changes to diagnostic data collection rolling out in Windows 10 preview editions, it’s this: Don’t call it telemetry.

The most visible privacy-related tweak in the just-released build 19577 changes the labels for the main options on the Diagnostics & Feedback page in Settings, but the more important changes are hidden in a batch of Group Policy settings. And several of those new and revised policies appear to involve orders to replace the word telemetry with the less loaded term diagnostic data.

The screenshots below show a before-and-after view of the Diagnostics & Feedback setting. On the left is what you see in currently support Windows 10 versions, including the soon-to-be-released version 2004. On the right is the revised version that makes its

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Brexit cited as reason for German digital bank’s UK exit

German digital challenger bank N26 is pulling out of the UK because it cannot to operate after Brexit unless it apples for a UK banking licence.

It blamed the loss of passporting rights, which currently allow European Union (EU) banks to serve customers across the trading block, for its decision. The bank has around 80 people supporting the UK operation from Berlin and London.

The Berlin-headquartered fintech, which was founded in 2013, will close its 200,000 UK accounts by mid-April.

“With the UK having left the EU at the end of January, we will in due course no longer be able to operate in the UK with our European banking licence,” said a statement from the bank. “As such, we can no longer open new N26 accounts and will be closing existing accounts on 15 April 2020.”

Fellow German challenger bank Fidor, which came to the UK in 2015,

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SXSW canceled due to coronavirus: All the 2020 tech conference cancellations and travel bans

The coronavirus could make remote work the norm, what businesses need to know
The coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak could be the catalyst for a dramatic increase in telecommuting. Enterprises should prepare for an increase in remote work and the long-term effects on marketing budgets, corporate travel, and commercial real estate values.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has yet to declare the current coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic. But as the infectious disease continues to spread and public health concerns rise, the WHO categorizes the risk from the virus as “very high”. On Tuesday, WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that the novel coronavirus disease is more deadly than the seasonal flu, but appears to spread less easily.

As of Friday, health officials have reported more than 95,000 confirmed cases of the COVID-19 disease and over 3,200 deaths, including over 200 outside of mainland China (the epicenter of the

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MPs set sights on Huawei in 5G security probe

Despite the government passing regulations that would permit so-called high-risk foreign technology suppliers’ products to be used in the “access” part of UK mobile networks, if not the core, MPs have announced the formation of a sub-committee to probe the security of 5G networks.

Set up by the Commons Defence Committee, the inquiry will focus on the use and security of equipment in 5G networks supplied by foreign companies. It name checks explicitly Chinese telecoms supplier Huawei, whose products and services are already used by the UK’s leading telecoms and network providers.

The issue dates back to July 2019 when the UK government laid before the House of Commons its telecoms supply chain review concerning access to the network of so-called high-risk suppliers, in particular Huawei. To date, the government has said it has not been in a position to make a final decision because of the market uncertainty

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