Microsoft and Google update the look of form controls in Chromium browsers

Chromium’s old look (left) and restyled controls (right)

Image: Google

Microsoft’s contributions to the Chromium browser it uses for its newest Edge releases are already having a visible impact on the Google-controlled browser.

The two tech giants have been working for the past year on a new theme for form controls — that is the buttons, fields, and input elements — that are standard across the web.

“One issue with native form controls … is the inconsistency in their styling. Older controls, such as <button> and <select> were styled to match the user’s operating system,” Chrome developer advocate Rob Dodson wrote in a blog post.

“Form controls that were added to the platform more recently were designed to match whatever style was popular at the time. For Chromium based browsers, this has led to controls that look mismatched and sometimes outdated, which causes developers to spend extra time (and

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NSW Police signs six-year biometric identification deal

The New South Wales Police Force has re-signed a contract with identity solutions firm Idemia for biometric identification.

With the new contract in place for six years, Idemia will support and maintain the force’s LiveScan, which processes and books criminals’ biometric data.

The deal covers 142 police stations across New South Wales.

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“This contract strengthens a long-term partnership that we have had with the New South Wales Police Force for over two decades”, Idemia Asia Pacific president and senior vice president for public security and identity Tim Ferris said.

“This collaboration proves Idemia’s capacity to provide critical support and maintenance when it comes to integrating multiple biometrics technology to increase national security and support efficient police services. It is a great honour to be supporting the biggest police organisation in Australia.”

Idemia said its LiveScan technology provides law enforcement with a

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SK Telecom celebrates 5G first birthday with almost half of local market

Since launching the world’s first 5G service on 3 April 2019, SK Telecom has revealed not only that it has gained a 44.7{11a436f66830eb13993988d28ae9a82dcb17c6650a894077d534e592200cfa64} 5G market share, but outlined its plans to take 5G technology into what it believes will be potentially lucrative use cases.

The market share data is based on statistics from the Korean Ministry of Science and ICT released in January 2020, and represents 2.22 million 5G subscribers for SK Telecom. According to SK Telecom’s analysis on 5G subscribers, people in their 30s and 40s are taking up 53{11a436f66830eb13993988d28ae9a82dcb17c6650a894077d534e592200cfa64} of the company’s total 5G subscriber base, which is significantly higher than the proportion of people in their 30s and 40s in total LTE subscriber base, which currently stands at 32{11a436f66830eb13993988d28ae9a82dcb17c6650a894077d534e592200cfa64}.

The total amount of data consumption of SK Telecom’s 5G subscribers reached 62,000 TB on average per month over the past three months from December 2019 to February

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The best Dell Black Friday 2019 tech deals

(Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Lenovo beat Dell to the punch by releasing its Black Friday deals first this year, but it didn’t take long for Dell to respond with the release of its own Black Friday ad. 

When is Dell’s Black Friday sale?

Dell’s online store is having deals throughout the month of November, so make sure to note the specific day and time of the sales below. However, most of the best deals are going live around Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Black Friday 2019: Best Dell deals

Disclosure: ZDNet may earn a commission from some of the products featured on this page.

If these deals aren’t yet available, they will be when Dell’s Black Friday sale goes live.


Bose Soundtouch 10 Speaker for $100 ($100 off)

The Bose Soundtouch 10 Speaker works with Alexa and provides the stunning audio quality you would expect from Bose. It’s $100 off starting

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Providing mission-critical services amid COVID-19 is India’s greatest IT challenge yet

In Bangalore, seeing 1.5 million workers buzzing about from day to night on any given week is the norm. To see reports of deserted IT sector’s campuses then, is not just surreal, it’s scary. And the world didn’t even have to conjure up visions of a zombie apocalypse to see this scene come to life. Instead, an invisible enemy has struck — the coronavirus pandemic — putting existential pressure on Indian IT’s business model.

India’s IT sector, valued at around $180 billion, has always gained its success from the intersection of two basic realities: the droves of Indian engineers produced by the flood of engineering colleges and the relatively low salaries they are paid. Indian engineers earn one-fourth of their counterparts in China and around an eighth of their American brethren. In the banking sector alone, for example, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, and JP Morgan collectively employ over 60,000 people from

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Microsoft targets 5G arena with Affirmed Networks acquisition

Microsoft has signed a definitive agreement to acquire mobile network solutions provider Affirmed Networks, aiming to deliver what it claims will be new opportunities for a global 5G ecosystem.

Launched in 2010, Affirmed Networks offers virtualised, cloud-native network software for the mobile industry. Its flagship Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) is designed to enable communication service providers to scale their networks and offer differentiated web-scale mobile services, so they can keep up with the demands for mobile services while dramatically reducing capital expediture (capex) and operational expenditure (opex).

Microsoft says the acquisition will allow it to evolve its work with the telecoms industry, building on a secure and trusted cloud platform for operators. With Affirmed Networks, it says it will be able to offer innovative solutions tailored to operators’ needs, including managing network workloads in the cloud.

Microsoft’s vision is that where previous generations of wireless networks have been based on

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