Workday adds vaccine management to Return to Workplace apps

Workday launched a vaccine management system to go with hits human resources applications as corporations aim to return to offices in 2021.

The vaccination management will ride along with Workday’s Return to Workplace applications. Like Salesforce’s and ServiceNow’s efforts, Workday is looking to enable customers to analyze immunizations, plan for scenarios, engage and support workers and tweak operating models.

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Workday’s vaccine management tools include:

  • A control center to view and respond to risks and manage immunization effects on the workforce. Workday is also adding insights on vaccine availability, vaccination rates and adherence. Immunization status will also be categorized by infection type, job profile, location, region and working.
  • Scenario planning to model office space requirements, personal protective equipment needs and worker availability. Enterprises will also be able to prioritize workers by category.
  • Outreach and communication tools so employees can self-report immunization status while maintaining confidentiality.
  • Support for industries such as healthcare and essential services.

Workday’s platform covers more than 45 million workers. 


Other vaccine management efforts include: