Utilization of Online Technology in Preventing the Spread of the Corona Virus

Online technology is a technological development that helps us communicate, especially for two-way communication over long distances. This online technology is a communication that is exchanged and has been connected, can be used simultaneously involving many people or only with two people. However, Online Technology also requires supporting devices such as computers, smartphones, or other assistive devices that are used as intermediaries, especially having to be connected to the Internet.

For large companies, online is something that requires large fees and a stable connection, so that everything can run smoothly. Just relying on an internet connection is not enough, because sometimes the internet connection is also often down and not very safe from cyber attacks. The costs incurred by the company will also increase. Currently, the best solution is to use an SD-WAN network. Apart from being more stable in man-funds from cyber attacks, SD-WAN solutions are also classified as cost-efficient.

In ancient times we could only communicate by voice and traditional means of communication, now by using Online Technology face-to-face even at different distances, times, and places. In the current situation where the whole world is infected with the Corona Virus (Covid-19), Online Technology helps everyone communicate face-to-face using a device. This is because the Corona Virus (Covid-19) can spread easily through human interaction, especially if the human has the flu or cough. To avoid this, the Government has adopted a policy to work from home by not leaving our main task at work.

With online technology, we hope that all work can be done in support of work, learning, and teaching. Where are the benefits of Online Technology to support work, namely by using an e-Commerce facility or online trading and using an e-Banking or online banking facility, while to support the Learning and Teaching program with Online Technology, namely through an e-Learning facility or online learning where students and teachers can communicate easily interact with different distances and places?

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