ServiceNow launches COVID-19 vaccine management software

ServiceNow said it is launching COVID-19 vaccine management tools designed to make it easier to scale distribution, administration and monitoring.

The company’s Vaccine Administration Management offering is built on ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management platform. ServiceNow has launched COVID-19 Emergency Response Apps as well as a Safe Workplace suite as employees return to the workplace.

According to ServiceNow, the company is looking to help solve the last mile challenge of vaccine management including distribution, administration and monitoring. COVID-19 vaccines have supply constraints, unique storage conditions and a need for two injections spaced apart. Toss in disconnected legacy systems and data siloes and vaccine delivery has been a hodge-podge rollout that varies by state. Recent developments in vaccine management include:

ServiceNow has launched a bevy of applications to enable organizations to return to the office. Vaccine management has also become a hot space in enterprise software as Workday, Salesforce, Microsoft and others have launched apps. ServiceNow said that is has more than 100 organizations including the State of North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services and NHS Scotland working with ServiceNow to manage vaccine distribution.

Vaccine Administration Management, which is available in the ServiceNow Store, includes:

  • A mobile and desktop self-service experience;
  • Tracking for vaccine delivery and inventory management.
  • Scheduling for vaccine administrators and supplies.
  • Monitoring of no-shows, recipient feedback, return to the workplace and health.
  • Reminders and notifications on COVID-19 vaccine availability.
  • Communication tools as new segments of the population is eligible for vaccination.

ServiceNow said it will add more applications to support last mile vaccinations in the weeks ahead.

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