Salesforce’s Customer 360 Truth generally available

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Salesforce’s Customer 360 Truth, which aims to unify and vet data across multiple consumer touch points, is generally available.

The company launched Customer 360 Truth a year ago and utilized its MuleSoft as well as other key parts from the Customer 360 platform. The platform includes consumer identity management, customer data platform, privacy tools and data management.

Customer 360 Truth represents Salesforce’s effort to be the center of customer data and relationships. It’s a space multiple tech vendors want to occupy. For instance, SAP, Adobe and Microsoft have formed a data alliance and, Adobe and Microsoft are targeting CRM.

The core components of Customer 360 Truth include:

  • Customer 360 Data Manager, which connects Salesforce systems and clouds with a single Salesforce ID. This identifier creates a common profile, eases integration headaches and cuts down on data cleansing.
  • Customer 360 Audiences, Salesforce’s customer data platform that aggregates data across marketing, commerce, data warehouse and other systems.
  • Customer 360 Identity, which streamlines and combines sign-up and log-in experiences for customers and IT departments. The general idea is that companies can give customers one log-in across properties.
  • Customer 360 Privacy Center, which automates the data lifecycle for outdated customer information as well as personally identifiable information. The automation tools are designed to comply with various regulations including GDPR