Anker PowerLine III Flow: Super-soft, super-strong iPhone charging cable

I’m hard on my charging cables, so I tend to gravitate towards tough cables. Problem is, tough cables tend to be hard, inflexible, and a pain to pack away.

The new Anker PowerLine III Flow cables change all that.

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  • The silica gel finish gives this cable a remarkably soft yet durable finish
  • The PowerLine III Flow has a 25,000-bend lifespan, and can withstand a  220lbs (100kg) load
  • Remains tangle-free even when stuffed into a bag or pocket, or wrapped around a portable charger
  • MFi certified 

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Manufactured from silica gel with a graphene lining, the cable feels soft to the touch, and actually sort of flows through the hand. This isn’t just about aesthetics, but it allows it to be curled up tight, and fold and flow around things on your desk.

Also, to keep it looped for storage, there’s a nice silica gel tag, which is far superior to the Velcro ties used on other cables as it doesn’t get caught on stuff and make a huge mess.

But combined with the softness is strength. This cable is rated to withstand 25,000 bends and 220lbs (100kg) of weight, way more than it’s going to see in normal use.

The ends are nicely molded to be anti-snag, and the connectors are of the highest quality.

Short of abuse from sharp edges or fire, these cables will give years of service.

They’re also competitively priced.

The cables come in 3- and 6-foot lengths and are offered in an array of what I’d describe as standout pastel colors: Midnight Black, Cloud White, Coral Pink, Mint Green, and Lavender Green.

The 3-foot Anker PowerLine III Flow cables are priced at $21.99, with 6-foot cables costing only an extra $3.