Adobe launches Google Assistant integration with Adobe XD

Adobe on Wednesday announced the launch the Google Assistant Preview plugin for Adobe XD, its user experience design platform. The integration is meant to make it easier for designers to export and preview Adobe XD voice prototypes to Google Assistant devices, such as phones, smart speakers and smart TVs.

Using voice commands, designers can ask a Google Assistant device to talk to Adobe XD, which will provide them access to their Adobe XD prototype through their Creative Cloud account. Designers can then interact with their prototypes on a voice device to test the user experience and enable rapid iteration on designs, Adobe said.

The Google Assistant integration follows Adobe’s Amazon Alexa XD integration that was released in July 2019, which allowed designers to preview voice designs on Amazon Alexa-enabled devices. Adobe’s bet for its software is that designers will mix voice technology with other interfaces. Voice technologies could be a growth market for Adobe as designers increasingly create user flows for voice interfaces. 

Adobe is also revealing the results of its second annual consumer survey on voice experiences. Some key survey findings:

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the desire for hands-free communication in public places. One in three users (31%) count sanitation, or not needing to touch high-traffic surfaces, as a benefit of using voice technology.
  • 86% of users said that voice technology could make visiting businesses or attending events feel more sanitary. Voice technology is also desirable for tasks like opening a door, choosing a floor on the elevator, or using a vending machine.
  • While most (89%) of users said that voice technology is easy to use, 57% of respondents said improvements in accuracy would cause them to use voice technology more often or for more purposes.