Microsoft: Excel on the web just got a whole lot easier to use

Microsoft has shown off performance improvements for Excel on the web, with faster workbook loading, scrolling, selection, navigation and cell modification. 

While there are other options, like Google Sheets and Apple Numbers, Microsoft’s Excel remains the dominant spreadsheet program today. 

Excel for the web has just gained a host of productivity improvements that focus on opening workbooks, scrolling through them and manipulating cells. 

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According to Microsoft, loading a new Excel workbook should be much faster now and make for a zippy experience when working with numbers in Excel on the web.   

Microsoft has also set its engineers on scrolling, a long-running complaint among macOS users who like to use Excel online

“Scrolling is a fundamental part of working in Excel. Now, even in incredibly complex sheets, scrolling is smooth and fast,” Microsoft says. 

Cell selection should also be improved with the

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Cybercriminals use deceased staff accounts to spread Nemty ransomware

Cybercriminals will often use brute-force attacks, phishing emails, and existing data dumps to break into corporate networks but there is one area that is often ignored to a company’s detriment: ghost accounts. 

It is not always the case that when a staff member leaves their employ, whether due to a new job offer, changes of circumstance, illness, or in unfortunate cases, death, that their accounts are removed from corporate networks. 

This oversight is one that cybercriminals are now taking advantage of, and in a recent case, actively exploited in order to spread ransomware. 

In a case study documented by Sophos’ cyberforensics group Rapid Response on Tuesday, an organization reached out after being infected by Nemty ransomware. 

According to Sophos, the ransomware — also known as Nefilim — impacted over 100 systems, encrypting valuable files and demanding payment in return for a decryption key. 

First detected in 2019, Nemty was

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Telia takes Ericsson 5G to transform industrial inspection as Project Reindeer runs

Ericsson has formed a new partnership with Nordic comms provider Telia to use its 5G network to perform livestream industrial inspections, and has released more details about its Project Reindeer to develop future 6G systems.

The project with Telia centres around Ericsson ONE, the company’s internal accelerator, and the two parties will kick-start a development programme at the end of January in partnership with a number of companies, experimenting with various drone streaming applications and regularly evaluating services to prepare drones for future 5G use cases.

The companies have created the first video streaming service in Sweden for industrial drones operating in hard-to-reach places.

In late 2020, UK fixed and mobile operator Vodafone joined Ericsson to trial automated flight paths for connected drones and, under the auspices of Ericsson ONE’s new drone mobility project, the Telia Drone Inspection Service enables companies to access difficult environments such as construction sites,

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Bloomreach, which helps e-commerce customers with search and website creation, raises $150M led by Sixth Street Growth at a $900M valuation (Ron Miller/TechCrunch)

Ron Miller / TechCrunch:

Bloomreach, which helps e-commerce customers with search and website creation, raises $150M led by Sixth Street Growth at a $900M valuation  —  Bloomreach, an API company that helps eCommerce customers with search and web site creation, announced a $150 million investment today from Sixth Street Growth.… Read More