Microsoft and SAP plege to integrate Teams with SAP business apps by mid-2021

Credit: ZDNet

For the past several years, Microsoft and SAP have announced an extension to their ongoing strategic partnership. On January 22, the pair again pledged their mutual allegiance. And as part of this year’s update, the two companies said they are integrating Microsoft Teams with SAP business applications.

On January 22, Microsoft and SAP announced they would build new integrations between Teams and SAP S/4HANA, SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Customer Experience. The companies said these integrations would be available to customers by mid-2021.

Microsoft and SAP also said today they would accelerate the adoption of SAP S/4HANA on Azure — a task on which they’ve been working for several years. Today’s list of S/4HANA-Azure tasks include simplification of moving on-premises editions of SAP ERP to SAP S/4HANA in the cloud; expanded joint engagements with customers and partners; and increased investments in platform and infrastructure around automated migrations,

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She went for an in-person job interview. Suddenly, she wished it had been on Zoom

Yes, I love Bridgerton. You don’t?

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With the inauguration of President Joe Biden, everyone’s talking about returning to normal.

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Which definitely has its humorous side.

So many people have now been stuck to their homes and their screens that the world out there seems like nothing more than an augmented reality game.

Working from home is the future, many believe. As if it doesn’t have its limitations.

Here’s the story, then, of a woman who was asked to go to a job interview in the Netherlands. In person. This, in itself, seems like a non-normal event.

Still, as TipsyTraveler told her tale on Reddit, she was nervous as her interviewer, the CEO of the company, approached.

“He (50ish/M) walked down the stairs towards me, in his nice suit, but stopped halfway down,” she said. “I figured the interview would take place upstairs, so

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BT connects Dutch diplomatic missions

BT has signed a contract with the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs to provide communication services to its embassies and consulates in 120 countries. The telco will provide the ministry with WAN, LAN and wireless LAN services.

BT’s global SD-WAN (software-defined wide area network) services were launched in November 2020. The cloud-optimised managed network services are designed to expand multinational customers’ choice of software-based connectivity systems. They can be managed or co-managed remotely by the company on its new digital service platform, giving customers a single view of their entire network and a choice of management controls.

By using the latest software-defined networking technology, BT said the Dutch diplomatic missions will have an infrastructure that can support the increasing consumption of cloud services. The contract is valued at €33m over the initial period of four years, with an option to be extended to

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As platforms race to purge harmful content after the Capitol riots, police race to gather evidence, showing the need for international data preservation laws (Foreign Policy)

Foreign Policy:

As platforms race to purge harmful content after the Capitol riots, police race to gather evidence, showing the need for international data preservation laws  —  How we conceptualize the role social media played in the Capitol siege will set the stage for information governance across the globe.… Read More