Microsoft: Here’s how our new password-monitoring system actually works

Just as Google starts rolling out new password protection features in Chrome 88, Microsoft has revealed the inner workings of its password monitor features in its Chromium-based Edge browser. 

The stable version of Microsoft Edge version 88 gained the Password Monitor feature, which Microsoft announced in March 2020

Not to be confused with a password manager, this is Microsoft’s alert for passwords that have been exposed in data breaches and leaked online. Google added a feature to Chrome in 2019; Mozilla started testing its password breach alert service in 2018

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Browser makers are keen to get us to sign-in, but how do you get users to sign in to a browser when there’s no perceived value beyond syncing browsers across desktop and mobile? Security, or more specifically, a security service that alerts the users to a password that’s been leaked online

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Building an RTX3080 gaming PC

I don’t have time for much gaming anymore, but fortunately I know plenty of people that do. The other day, a friend said that they’d managed to get hold of a Gigabyte GeForce RTX3080 graphics card.

A beast. And it should be for the $950 it cost.

These things are hard to get hold of, and it’s not the kind of card that you shove into any old system. So, she wanted some advice on what else to buy.

The only limit: No spending more than $2,000 (excluding the money already paid for the GTX3080), and the processor had to be an Intel chip (not my decision, but makes it a bit easier for me).

That should be possible. With change for at least a pizza when it’s done.

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Note that the parts I’ve listed here DO NOT

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Nine out of 10 UK card payments in 2020 were contactless

Contactless payments accounted 88.6% of total card payments in 2020 as restrictions on contact-based payments drove people to the payment method, according to data from Barclaycard.

Despite many shops closing for long periods during various lockdowns to reduce the spread of Covid-19, the total value of contactless payments increased by 7% in 2020 compared to 2019. For example, there was a 29% increase in the use of contactless in UK grocery stores.

Contactless cards, which enable users to make payments by scanning a reader when checking out, were first introduced in 2007 with a £10 spending limit. This limit has gradually increased, and the maximum contactless payment permitted is now £45 after it was brought up from £30 in April 2020.

The decision to increase the limit on contactless spend to £45 has driven the average value of contactless payments by 29% during 2020, to £12.38, compared with £9.60 in

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Dating Group, which says it has 73M registered users, acquires Once, a Swiss-based app which leverages AI to provide one match per day to each user, for €14.9M (Charlotte Tucker/EU-Startups)

Charlotte Tucker / EU-Startups:

Dating Group, which says it has 73M registered users, acquires Once, a Swiss-based app which leverages AI to provide one match per day to each user, for €14.9M  —  Dating Group, one of the largest companies in the dating industry with 73 million registered users across its portfolio … … Read More