Australian government strikes deal with DXC to deliver digital job search platform

The Australian Department of Education, Skills and Employment has signed DXC Technology to deliver a digital platform to support job-ready candidates with their employment search.

Under the contract, DXC will work with partners including Microsoft, SAS, Thinkplace, Annex, and Vertiec to deliver the cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution, which government hopes will enable users to easily self-navigate the online tool to find a suitable role. The platform will also give job seekers access to an online job board, job matching, and training modules.

New and existing employers meanwhile will have the ability to filter and search for candidates on the job search platform.

The project is being delivered as part of the federal government’s New Employment Service Model designed to “deliver better services to job seekers and employers and a better for providers”. The new model is due to be rolled out nationally from July 2022, following trials in Adelaide

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MrbMiner crypto-mining operation linked to Iranian software firm

Illustration set of flags made from binary code targets.

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Cyber-security firm Sophos said it found evidence connecting the operators of the MrbMiner crypto-mining botnet to a small boutique software development company operating from the city of Shiraz, Iran.

The MrbMiner botnet has been operational since the summer of 2020. It was first detailed in a Tencent Security report in September last year.

Tencent said it saw MrbMiner launching brute-force attacks against Microsoft SQL Servers (MSSQL) databases to gain access to weakly secured administrator accounts.

Once inside, the botnet would create a backdoor account with the Default/@fg125kjnhn987 credentials and download and install a cryptocurrency miner from domains such as or

In a report today, Sophos researchers said they analyzed this botnet’s modus operandi in more depth. They looked at the malware payloads, domain data, and server information and found several clues that led them back to a

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Nokia, Mobily unveil world’s first sliced FWA deployment

Nokia has revealed that it has successfully piloted 4G and 5G fixed wireless access (FWA) network slicing with Saudi Arabian telecommunications services provider Mobily on its live commercial network.

FWA has huge potential, especially in connecting homes and businesses in remote areas to 5G networks and address long-standing broadband connectivity issues. In a December 2020 trial that aimed to reveal how FWA can help urban, suburban and rural areas boost connectivity capacity and prove the feasibility of 5G millimetre-wave (mmWave) frequencies in powering high-speed, long-distance FWA devices, Italian operator TIM, Ericsson and Qualcomm claimed to have set a world record for long-distance speed with 5G mmWave technology.

Mobily is the brand name of the Saudi Mobily Company, offering fixed-line, mobile telephony and internet services. The ongoing pilot with Nokia, taking place in Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh, is designed to allow Mobily to offer new FWA services to priority consumer and

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A large number of laptop flagships in H1 2021 will ship with 16:10 or 3:2 displays, signalling an industry-wide shift toward laptops with taller aspect ratios (Monica Chin/The Verge)

Monica Chin / The Verge:

A large number of laptop flagships in H1 2021 will ship with 16:10 or 3:2 displays, signalling an industry-wide shift toward laptops with taller aspect ratios  —  For lovers of tall screens, it’s a great time to be alive  —  One of the biggest trends coming out of this year’s CES … … Read More