Better than the best password: How to use 2FA to improve your security

You are one data breach away from having your entire online life turned upside down. The problem is passwords, which are hopelessly fragile ways to secure valuable resources.

Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by the belief that creating a longer, more complex, harder-to-guess password will somehow make you safer online. You can create a password that is so long and complex it takes you five minutes to type, and it will do nothing to protect you if the service where you use that password stores it improperly and then has their server breached. It regularly happens.

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And even with reasonable policies in place (complexity, changed regularly, not reused), people are still the weakest link in the security chain. Social engineering can convince even intelligent people to enter their credentials on a phishing site or give them

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Ransomware victims that have backups are paying ransoms to stop hackers leaking their stolen data

Some organisations which fall victim to ransomware attacks are paying ransoms to cyber criminal gangs despite being able to restore their own networks from backups, in order to prevent hackers publishing stolen data.

Over the course of the last year, many of the most successful ransomware gangs have added an additional technique in an effort to coerce victims into paying ransoms after compromising their networks – publishing stolen data if a payment isn’t received.

As 2020 started, only Maze ransomware gang was using this tactic but as it ended, an additional 17 ransomware crews had taken to publishing stolen data of victims if they didn’t receive payment.

However, according to cybersecurity company Emsisoft’s ‘State of Ransomware’ report, there are victims of ransomware attacks which are entirely capable of restoring their network from backups and have successfully done so – but are still paying a bitcoin ransom of hundreds

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HSBC closing more branches as customers turn to digital channel

HSBC is closing a further 82 branches as the Covid-19 pandemic reinforces its strategy to move customers to digital channels.

The bank said that even without the pandemic effect, 90% of all customer contact is now over the phone, internet or smartphone. It also said more than 100,000 customers a week interact with it on social media.

Jackie Uhi, HSBC UK’s head of network, said the pandemic has emphasised the need for the changes the bank is already making to its branch network.

“It hasn’t pushed us in a different direction, but reinforces the things that we were focusing on before and has crystallised our thinking,” said Uhi.

It is not just rural branches or those in quiet towns that are being cut – it includes branches on Edinburgh’s Princes Street, which will close in April, and High Holborn, London, which will close in August.

Uhi added: “This is a

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Opera acquires YoYo Games for $10M and launches Opera Gaming division to monetize its gaming efforts; Opera GX gaming browser had 7M MAUs in Dec., up 350% YoY (Dean Takahashi/VentureBeat)

Dean Takahashi / VentureBeat:

Opera acquires YoYo Games for $10M and launches Opera Gaming division to monetize its gaming efforts; Opera GX gaming browser had 7M MAUs in Dec., up 350% YoY  —  Web browser maker Opera has acquired YoYo Games, maker of the GameMaker Studio 2 game engine, for $10 million, and it has also launched its Opera Gaming division.… Read More