Microsoft’s Azure marketing chief Julia White joins SAP

Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Product Marketing for Azure, Developer Tools and Servers Julia White is joining the SAP Executive Board and leaving Microsoft. SAP announced White’s hire on January 15.

White has been with Microsoft for nearly 20 years. She started at the company as Product Manager in the Windows Server division. She later joined the Office Division and became well-known for her demos during key Microsoft events. She has been spearheading marketing for Azure for the past five years.

White will become a member of the SAP Executive Board as Chief Marketing and Solutions Officer. Microsoft will be conducting an internal and external search for her replacement, a spokesperson confirmed, and in the interim, Azure Vice President John “JG” Chirapurath will become the interim marketing lead.

Earlier this week, another Microsoft veteran, Corporate Vice President Brad Anderson, announced he was leaving Microsoft to join Qualtrics

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Delta just offered a brave lesson in listening to customers, not tech

Zoom will change nothing?

Screenshot by ZDNet

The tech industry always knows how the future will be.

Why, it’s creating it, so it’s got something of an inside track at the bookies.

Not everyone, however, is convinced about Techworld’s slightly smug infallibility.

On Thursday, Delta emailed me to announce it had lost the GDP of a small, robust country. $12.4 billion.

Certainly, the coronavirus has wrecked airlines’ ability to do much but get many free billions from the government. Working from home seems to be the new permanent way for many people.

You might think, then, that the analysts’ call to herald such an announcement would be grim, brutal, and swift. Instead, Delta’s executives looked into the future and insisted the tech industry has got it all wrong.

For many months, wise tech lords like SoftBank’s Masayoshi Son and Melinda’s Bill Gates have claimed that business travel will never be

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Private LTE/5G market set to reach £4.2bn in 2024

With early investment in the infrastructure driven by demand from mission-critical organisations, and with more spectrum being made available for enterprise uses, the inaugural forecast for the worldwide private LTE/5G infrastructure market from International Data Corporation (IDC) is predicting a boom for the dedicated architectures for enterprises until 2024.

IDC defines a private LTE/5G infrastructure as any 3GPP-based LTE and/or 5G network deployed for a specific enterprise/industrial customer that provides dedicated access. That definition includes networks that may utilise dedicated (licensed, unlicensed, or shared) spectrum, dedicated infrastructure, and private devices embedded with unique SIM identifiers.

IDC also sees private LTE/5G infrastructure as those carrying traffic native to a specific organisation, with no shared resources in use by any third-party entities.

Given this basis, the analyst calculates revenue attributable to the sales of private LTE/5G infrastructure will grow from $945m (£695m) in 2019 to an estimated $5.7bn (£4.2bn) in 2024 with

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How a group of Dorsey's lieutenants overcame his reluctance to ban Trump's account when it became clear Trump was using his Twitter presence to incite violence (New York Times)

New York Times:

How a group of Dorsey’s lieutenants overcame his reluctance to ban Trump’s account when it became clear Trump was using his Twitter presence to incite violence  —  Jack Dorsey, the chief executive, had reservations about locking the president’s account.  But the calls for violence that his tweets provoked were too overwhelming.… Read More