CES 2021: LG refreshes Gram laptop line with Intel Tiger Lake CPUs, 16-inch model

LG Gram

Best known for its HDTVs and appliances, the South Korean manufacturer LG ventured into the laptop market over five years ago with its Gram notebook, a portable system given its name thanks to its light weight (less than a kilogram). Despite its high price and newcomer status, the premium Gram line has survived and expanded from the original 13-inch and 14-inch editions to a range of five laptops with larger screen sizes and a pair of 2-in-1 convertible models. 

With its Gram refresh timed to coincide with the upcoming CES 2021 virtual exhibit, LG chooses further refinement over any major redesigns. After all, Gram laptops are highly thought of in their market segment, as our own review of the Gram 17 details a few months ago. While ZDNet’s Sandra Vogel praised its design, display, and battery life, she was disappointed in its slightly sluggish performance. By packing its

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Microsoft Teams and Zoom have a new sexy competitor (who’s trying too hard)

Focus is in? This ad doesn’t have it.

Screenshot by ZDNet

I was vacantly watching an NBA game on TNT — one in which the Brooklyn Nets’ star Kyrie Irving didn’t play, reportedly because “I just didn’t want to play.”

more Technically Incorrect

Suddenly, I was jolted by jaunty music that heralded a brand trying to look exciting.

“Who could this be?” I wondered. It couldn’t be a tech brand, could it?

The message was all about how everyone was “in.” As opposed to out? Not in? On? Under? Over? Absent?

Apparently, everyone can be in with everything they need. Which is wonderful, if a little ethereal.

I pressed force-focus on my inner workings and realized this was an ad for Cisco’s Webex.

Please forgive me, but in a world that seems to have been swallowed whole by Zoom and Microsoft Teams, I’d barely remembered Webex existed. I

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Qualcomm appoints new CEO

Expressing confidence that it now has all of the necessary corporate building blocks in place to preside over what its retiring chief executive regards as the single largest opportunity in the company’s history, communications technology processor firm Qualcomm has announced Cristiano Amon as successor to Steve Mollenkopf as CEO.

The move will be effective from 30 June, after Mollenkopf informed the company’s board of his decision to retire as CEO following 26 years with the company.

Mollenkopf became CEO in March of 2014, and began his career as an engineer. For nearly three decades, he has helped define and lead Qualcomm’s strategy and technology roadmap.

The company credits his work helping to propel smartphones into the mainstream and making Qualcomm a leader in 3G, 4G and now 5G.

He also oversaw the firm’s expansion into new industry segments such as the internet of things (IoT), RF front end and automotive

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