Google Docs versus Microsoft Word: Attorneys blame ‘technical incompatibilities’ for late filing

the google docs ate my homework 

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The American legal system runs on deadlines. As one practicing attorney wrote in an official publication for the American Bar Association, “[M]issing any filing deadline is a lawyer’s worst nightmare.”

That’s especially true if you’re representing the plaintiffs in an “Emergency Complaint For Expedited Declaratory And Emergency Injunctive Relief” involving the United States Presidential election before a Federal District Court. For those keeping score at home, that’s two Emergencies and one Expedited in a single motion.

All of which makes this weekend’s filing from the plaintiffs’ legal team in Gohmert v. Pence particularly eye-catching:

Plaintiffs’ Unopposed Motion to File Responsive Brief Late

Come now the Plaintiffs, U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-1), Tyler Bowyer, Nancy Cottle, Jake Hoffman, Anthony Kern, James R. Lamon, Sam Moorhead, Robert Montgomery, Loraine Pellegrino, Greg Safsten, Kelli Ward, and Michael Ward, by and through their undersigned counsel,

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How to get a new prescription, new glasses, and see better from home (all for under $100)

Back in October, I wrote about an innovative product, the EyeQue VisionCheck. This is a device that helps you come up with prescription numbers (what EyeQue carefully calls eyeglass numbers) from the safety of your home — no mask-to-mask COVID-19 risk required. I was impressed with what I saw, but I hadn’t yet had the chance to spend much actual time with my new glasses to tell you if it really worked for me.

Now I have. I’ve been using glasses made with the numbers from the EyeQue for two months, non-stop. In this article, I’ll share my impressions with you. 

Here I am with my new $21.95 glasses.


Super-cheap glasses without leaving the house. A new “prescription” without leaving the house. My eyes have stopped hurting. I’m seeing better. I’m even using these for both computer and distance. Winner-winner chicken dinner.

Getting the glasses

If you’ll

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