Walmart Black Friday deals: Apple Watch, Nest Hub, and more

This year’s hottest Black Friday trend this year may be “pre-Black Friday,” with retailers looking to jumpstart holiday shopping with early deals that will reward shoppers who think waiting until the end of November to start buying gifts is procrastinating. Dell already set the stage for this strategy with essentially six weeks of Black Friday sales, and now Walmart is joining it as an early bird.

Walmart has announced a pair of major shopping events in early November: The first “Deals for Days” sales kick off on Wednesday, Nov. 4 and return on Saturday, Nov. 7, and the second begins the following Wednesday (Nov. 11) and repeats on Saturday, Nov. 14. While the first event features a couple of gaming laptops, the second offers several notebook and tablet deals to entice potential buyers. We’ve highlighted the best of these below, and expect a number of additional ones when Walmart’s actual

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Huawei ban: Big fines for telecoms companies if they ignore new security standards

Stricter security rules will be enforced around the deployment of future mobile networks in the UK, and telecoms companies could face hefty fines if they fail to adhere to higher standards, according to a new law on the security of 5G and fiber networks.  

A new draft telecommunications security presented to Parliament aims to strengthen the security of next-generation networks, and to provide the government with “unprecedented” powers to force telecoms giants to stick to the new rules. Part of the law includes managing high-risk vendors, which means that the government will be able to impose controls on providers’ use of equipment supplied by companies that are deemed unsafe.  

Last July, following advice from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), the UK government ruled that Huawei’s equipment should be entirely removed from the country’s 5G networks by 2027. The telecommunications security bill now enshrines that ruling into law, and

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Belgian security researcher hacks Tesla with Raspberry Pi

Electric automaker Tesla has rolled out an over-the-air patch for its Model X vehicles after being informed of a serious vulnerability in its keyless entry system, identified by Belgian academics, which could have enabled criminals to circumvent the $100,000 (£82,000/€83,500) car’s onboard security systems.

The Tesla Model X’s key fob lets its owners automatically unlock their car when approaching it, or by pressing a button, using the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communications standard to talk to the car via a smartphone app.

This process was bypassed by PhD student Lennert Wouters of the University of Leuven’s Computer Security and Industrial Cryptography (Cosic) research group in a proof of concept using a self-made device built from a Raspberry Pi, a modified key fob and engine control unit (ECU) from a salvaged Model X, and other components costing a total of $195 (£144/€162).

“Using a modified ECU, obtained from a salvage

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Full Truck Alliance, a Chinese startup which provides an Uber-like service for the trucking industry, raises $1.7B, source says at a ~$12B valuation (Lulu Yilun Chen/Bloomberg)

Lulu Yilun Chen / Bloomberg:

Full Truck Alliance, a Chinese startup which provides an Uber-like service for the trucking industry, raises $1.7B, source says at a ~$12B valuation  —  – Investors in the round include Tencent, Jack Ma’s Yunfeng  — Full Truck Alliance one of the largest in SoftBank’s portfolio… Read More