NSW Transport and Microsoft use machine learning and data to reduce road accidents

Transport for New South Wales and Microsoft have partnered to develop a proof of concept that uses data and machine learning to flag potentially dangerous intersections and reduce road accidents.

As part of the proof of concept, Transport for NSW ran a trial in Wollongong to uncover five potentially risky intersections. It involved 50 vehicles generating more than a billion rows of data over a 10-month period, before Databricks and Azure were used to curate, ingest, and interpret the data.

The telematics data was used to identify speed, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, and lateral movement just before the intersection. It was then compared to patterns of existing crash investigation data.

“We had a circle of interest around the intersection … when the vehicle is actually approaching the intersection, how does it behave at 50 metres, how does it behave at 25 metres, and how does it behave going through the

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COVID hit startups badly – but something surprising is happening

At the end of last year, the Middle East’s startup scene was on the up and up. The region’s ride-hailing service, Careem, was acquired by Uber in a $3.1bn deal, and the wider industry witnessed record levels of engagement. 

Research from MAGNiTT, a startup data platform, revealed that $704m was invested across 564 different startups across the region in 2019. “To put it into perspective, 2009 saw $15m of funding in five venture deals,” the company noted. 

The number of funding deals and the broad trend of investment in Middle East startups have been rising.

Image: MAGNiTT

“The story remains success breeding success,” Christopher Schroeder, co-founder Next Billion Ventures and author of Startup Rising: The Entrepreneurial Revolution Remaking the Middle East, told ZDNet. “The massive mobile penetration [is] attracting investment from within the region,” Schroeder observed, and that investment is coupled “with more global tech

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£165m gigabit broadband boost for Northern Ireland

Following the recent ramping up of gigabit broadband deployment across Great Britain, the Northern Ireland Executive (NIE) has announced Project Stratum, a development programme aiming to bring next-generation broadband services to premises across Ulster that are currently unable to access speeds of 30 Mbps per second or greater.

Project Stratum represents a £150m investment by the UK government, allocated to the Department for the Economy as part of the Confidence and Supply Agreement of the previous Theresa May-led UK government, and £15m by the UK’s Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (Daera). This is alongside a substantial investment in network build costs by Fibrus Networks, which has been awarded the contract for the delivery of Project Stratum.

In revealing the investment, the NIE said that Project Stratum is a step closer to bringing next-generation broadband services to those businesses and people in Northern Ireland who need it most.

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Criminals launder coronavirus relief money through Venmo, Cash App, PayPal and other apps; so far 80 have been charged with trying to steal $240M+ from the PPP (Scott Zamost/NBC News)

Scott Zamost / NBC News:

Criminals launder coronavirus relief money through Venmo, Cash App, PayPal and other apps; so far 80 have been charged with trying to steal $240M+ from the PPP  —  Criminals are laundering illegally obtained funds meant for Covid-19 relief through the most popular apps for legally sending … … Read More