Biden’s new transition team: These are the tech execs who’ve signed up

As Silicon Valley giants face scrutiny from US regulators, executives from the industry have lined up to join president-elect Joe Biden’s agency review teams.  

The list of volunteers include execs from Airbnb, Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook, Dell, DropBox, Microsoft’s LinkedIn, Lyft, Stripe and Uber.

The Biden administration will need to oversee multiple high-profile legal cases, such as the Justice Department’s antitrust case against Google, and the Federal Trade Commission’s inquiries into Amazon’s business practices. 

Among the executives who’ve enlisted as volunteers and therefore serve “for informational purposes” is Amazon’s international tax planning director, Tom Sullivan, who is listed under the Department of State, while Nicole Isaac, LinkedIn’s senior director of North America policy is supporting Biden’s Department of the Treasury transition team. 

As CNBC reports, no one on the agency review team has recently worked for Google, but there is an employee from Alphabet-owned Sidewalk Labs on the

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Palo Alto Networks acquires attack surface manager Expanse in $800m deal

Palo Alto Networks has announced the acquisition of Expanse to boost the capabilities of the firm’s Cortex cybersecurity product portfolio. 

Announced on Wednesday, Palo Alto said the purchase will be used to bolster the Cortex portfolio with Expanse’s attack surface management solutions. 

The deal was secured for $670 million in cash and stock, as well as roughly $130 million in replacement equity awards — although these amounts may be adjusted. 

Founded in 2012, San Francisco-based Expanse develops solutions designed to monitor attack surfaces in order to perform risk assessments and mitigate threats. 

The platform includes a dashboard for discovering and monitoring Internet assets, software for monitoring suspicious network activity and analyzing traffic patterns, and also offers a selection of APIs and tools for integration with existing IT infrastructure. 

“Expanse’s data provides CISOs with a view of the enterprise from the outside, representing the view an attacker sees as they probe

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Mobile is failing over two-thirds of frontline workers

As Covid-19 continues to affect countries across the globe, two-thirds of frontline workers are experiencing mobile issues each month that impair their ability to do their jobs – a rise of 16% compared with the same time last year, according to research from B2M Solutions.

For its third Annual state of enterprise mobility survey, the enterprise software tools provider surveyed 1,505 companies across the US and Canada (33%), the UK (33%), France, Italy, Germany and Spain (33%) using an independent market researcher, in September 2020.

The provider screened the pool of survey respondents to ensure they depended on a mobile device to do their job daily, while IT worker respondents were screened to ensure they were in charge of supporting mobility in an enterprise. There were over three million devices under management by IT respondents in the survey.

The survey found that 87% of IT workers had some form

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SentinelOne, which develops AI-based endpoint security for all devices and services in a network, raises $267M from Tiger Global and others at a $3.1B valuation (Ingrid Lunden/TechCrunch)

Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:

SentinelOne, which develops AI-based endpoint security for all devices and services in a network, raises $267M from Tiger Global and others at a $3.1B valuation  —  This year, more than ever before because of the Covid-19 pandemic, huge droves of workers and consumers have been turning … … Read More