Black Friday 2020 deals: The best Costco sales

Like its membership club rivals, Costco sells a bit of everything at its warehouses, including a collection of PCs that play a role in its annual Black Friday deals. Membership has its privileges, and in this case, that privilege is having access to the following sales, some of which will be available as early as Nov. 5.  

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$100 off

Available at on Thanksgiving before being offered at stores starting on Black Friday, this Inspiron deal will appeal to those looking for a traditional desktop tower at a midrange price. It comes with a 10th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, 12GB of RAM, a 1TB hard drive, and even a 256GB solid-state drive that can help boost start-up times.

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$100 off


Providing that convertible laptop experience at the opposite end of the price

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Virgin Hyperloop: We’ve just completed first test with human passengers

Virgin Hyperloop has conducted the first test run with human passengers at its DevLoop track in the desert just outside Las Vegas. 

On Sunday’s test run, the two passengers in the hyperloop pod were Josh Giegel, Virgin Hyperloop’s co-founder and chief technology officer, and Sara Luchian, the company’s director of passenger experience. 

The company has carried out over 400 unmanned tests, with its first manned test propelling the pair in the new XP-2 pod inside a vacuum tube at 107mph around the 500-meter, 547-yard, track.

“With today’s successful test, we have shown that this spirit of innovation will in fact change the way people everywhere live, work, and travel in the years to come,” said Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group founder. 

SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk outlined his ideas for a hyperloop transport system in a 2013 paper, Hyperloop Alpha. He envisaged a service running at 760mph (1,200kph) between

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UK, Jersey, Gibraltar contact-tracing apps now interoperable

All of the contact-tracing apps from Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Jersey and Gibraltar are now interoperable, just a week after the NHS app was significantly enhanced to reflect better usage knowledge and the various apps all became workable in their respective territories.

The new capability, announced just as the UK enters a second national lockdown, will mean that if an app user tests positive for Covid-19, they can choose to upload the anonymous keys their phone has been exchanging with other phones, so alerts can be sent to other users they have been in close proximity with, whether the app they have is NHS Covid-19, Protect Scotland, StopCovid NI, Jersey Covid Alert or Beat Covid Gibraltar.

People who have downloaded the respective apps in their home territories do not need to do anything more to make their systems work while travelling – they just need to keep the app active.

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