Black Friday 2020 deals: The best HP sales

Following in the footsteps of Lenovo, rival HP has seen its Black Friday ad leaked this week (though both come weeks after the plans of competitor Dell were announced). Whereas many retailers have advertised deals throughout Nov., HP’s sale is in the time frame that we had come to expect for Black Friday discounts: starting on Thanksgiving (Nov. 26) and running through Cyber Monday (Nov. 30), with doorbusters sprinkled across that time period. That said, many of its products may currently be at the discounted listed in the ad, so here are the best deals that should be unique to the Black Friday weekend.

$50 off

HP will also have a $179.99 Chromebook deal during Black Friday,  but for an extra 20 bucks you can get a bigger screen than the alternative’s 11-inch display and still stay under $200. In addition to the 14-inch display, this Chromebook is built

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American Airlines quietly made a decision that’ll disturb everyone

All seemed fine at the beginning.

Screenshot by ZDNet

Flying involves an absolute trust in technology and the humans who operate it.

When your pilot tells you there’s a fault on one of their indicators, you believe that pilot when they tell you it’s fixed and takeoff is now safe.

In recent times, the hurriedly released Boeing 737 Max was clearly not ready for takeoff. In two horrific incidents, 346 people died. In both cases, the pilots weren’t able to handle the software in such a way as to rectify a stall.

The Max was taken out of service. However, as the nation’s focus was on all things electoral, American Airlines quietly announced that it would return the Max to its schedule next month.

European regulators have already declared the Max is safe to fly. What ‘s curious is that Boeing hasn’t yet made the software changes that European

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Mobile device trade-ins return to rise in value in Q3

After a volatile half-year marked by stay-at-home orders and lockdowns, mobile device trade-ins are back on the rise, with $569m returned to US consumers thanks to a mobile device trade-in programme, according to the quarterly study from HYLA Mobile.

In its Q3 2020 trade-in trends insights, HYLA noted that this trade-in value represented an increase of 153% on the $225m returned in the second quarter. Its data revealed that one of the drivers for this rise was the average trade-in value for smartphones continuing to rise.

In Q2, HYLA reported strong trade-in values amid the Covid-19 pandemic – and the value of devices at trade-in has maintained that upward trend in Q3. The average trade-in value for a smartphone in Q3 was $121.03, a 9% increase from Q2 and a 22% rise year-on-year compared with Q3 2019.

In Q2 we revealed the impact the global pandemic had on

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ByteDance to invest $170M in Chinese e-publishing company Zhangyue for an 11% stake; Zhangyue claims to have 170M monthly active users for its e-book reader app (Rita Liao/TechCrunch)

Rita Liao / TechCrunch:

ByteDance to invest $170M in Chinese e-publishing company Zhangyue for an 11% stake; Zhangyue claims to have 170M monthly active users for its e-book reader app  —  While short videos are what drive ByteDance’s revenues and give the Chinese startup international recognition … … Read More