Black Friday 2020 deals: The best Best Buy sales

The highly anticipated Best Buy Black Friday ad has dropped, earlier than ever, which appears to be the trend for most retailers in 2020. Also like its fellow retailers, the electronics giant will be sprinkling deals throughout the month so you can get your gift shopping finished early if you want.

If you notice no Apple products in the list of top Black Friday deals below, it’s because Best Buy is keeping details limited on which specific MacBooks and iPads will be discounted. We do know, however, that there will be savings of up to $250 on select MacBook Pro laptops (minimum savings is $100), up to $200 on MacBook Air models (minimum of $100), up to $150 on iPad Pro tablets (minimum of $70), up to $100 on the previous generation of iPad Air versions (minimum of $70), and up to $70 on the latest 10.2-inch iPads (minimum of

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Samsung denigrates Apple by mocking Steve Jobs’ thinking

A bigger idea? Or a little small?


It can be frustrating being Samsung.

You come up with all these innovations, then Apple copies them as if they’d never heard of Samsung.

Not too long ago, it got so bad that Samsung had to present an elegant (if one-sided) mockery of how Apple has always been a laggard to modernity.

But what can Samsung say now that the deliriously reviewed iPhone 12 cohort has emerged? 

An expression of dulled admiration, perhaps? A suggestion that Samsung has already been there, done that and not sold as many phones as it had hoped?

Not at all.

Instead, Samsung wants you to know that Apple is still so, so far behind the times that the times don’t need to look over the shoulder to see where Apple is.

Here, you see, is Samsung’s Dutch arm offering a dagger into the very heart,

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UK comms task force leader warns of East v West 5G standards battle

The new chairman of the UK government’s Telecoms Diversification Task Force, former BT CEO and former trade minister Ian Livingston, has told a parliamentary committee that it is quite feasible that the communications technology market could split into two global standards, one in Europe and North America and one based in China, resulting in commercial and security threats to national infrastructure.

Livingston was appointed to take the reins of the task force in September as a result of the UK government’s decision to remove technology from so-called “high-risk” suppliers, specifically Huawei, from the UK’s national communications infrastructure on the grounds of national security. The move has led to UK mobile operators scrambling for essential technology, in particular that supporting 5G networks, from alternative suppliers and the subsequent lack of breadth in these alternatives has promoted the creation of a body to identify more diversity within the telecoms equipment supply chain.

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Profile of Google Cloud's Kelsey Hightower, a respected figure in cloud computing and one of the few prominent Black men in enterprise infrastructure tech (Tom Krazit/Protocol)

Tom Krazit / Protocol:

Profile of Google Cloud’s Kelsey Hightower, a respected figure in cloud computing and one of the few prominent Black men in enterprise infrastructure tech  —  Peter Idah had met Kelsey Hightower before.  But this time, he brought his son.  —  It was March 2016, and the Kubernetes jamboree … … Read More