Black Friday 2020 deals: The best early Walmart sales start Nov. 4

This year’s hottest Black Friday trend this year may be “pre-Black Friday,” with retailers looking to jumpstart holiday shopping with early deals that will reward shoppers who think waiting until the end of November to start buying gifts is procrastinating. Dell already set the stage for this strategy with essentially six weeks of Black Friday sales, and now Walmart is joining it as an early bird.

Walmart has announced a pair of major shopping events in early November: The first “Deals for Days” sales kick off on Wednesday, Nov. 4 and return on Saturday, Nov. 7, and the second begins the following Wednesday (Nov. 11) and repeats on Saturday, Nov. 14. While the first event features a couple of gaming laptops, the second offers several notebook and tablet deals to entice potential buyers. We’ve highlighted the best of these below, and expect a number of additional ones when Walmart’s actual

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iPad Air (2020) review: A tablet designed for work and play Review

Early last year, it felt as if Apple had all but forgotten about the iPad Air. Then in March, Apple released the third-generation iPad Air, nearly five years after the iPad Air 2 was released. The update included a faster processor, slightly new design, support for Apple’s keyboard and stylus accessory, and a middle-of-the-road price point at $499. 

This year, Apple announced a completely redesigned iPad Air that looks and works more like the high-end iPad Pro models, and a new starting price of $599. Compare that to the $329 starting price of the entry-level iPad and the $799 cost of the 11-inch iPad Pro, and Apple’s tablet lineup now offers several options based on your needs.

I started my time with the iPad Air skeptical whether or not Apple’s tablet lineup needed three distinct models. I now have an answer, but it’s not what you’d expect. 

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Trump and Biden campaign apps easy targets for cyber criminals

US president Donald Trump may seem to believe nobody gets hacked, and that to get hacked you need “someone with 197 IQ” and “about 15% of your password”, but his official campaign app is right now vulnerable to an easy-to-exploit Android vulnerability that could be used to spread misinformation – and his rival Joe Biden fares no better.

Trump’s latest false pronouncements, which attracted derision across the industry, prompted researchers at Norwegian mobile security outfit Promon to investigate the US election campaign apps, and during its analysis, it found both Trump’s app and Biden’s are vulnerable to StrandHogg.

StrandHogg – an old Norse word for a Viking raiding tactic – was first identified at Promon last year. The vulnerability allows malware to pose as a legitimate application and if successfully exploited on a victim device enables cyber criminals to access SMS messages, photos, account credentials, location data, to make

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PayPal will allow users to buy and sell cryptocurrency using its online wallets in the coming weeks and shop at merchants on its network starting in early 2021 (Anna Irrera/Reuters)

Anna Irrera / Reuters:

PayPal will allow users to buy and sell cryptocurrency using its online wallets in the coming weeks and shop at merchants on its network starting in early 2021  —  LONDON (Reuters) – PayPal Holdings Inc joined the cryptocurrency market on Wednesday, allowing customers to buy … … Read More