A diehard Apple fan switched from Mac to Windows and he’s struggling

Can you leave this behind for a Gateway?

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Some do it because they get mad.

Some have it thrust upon them.

And some, well, they allow themselves to get persuaded in the most ticklish of ways.

I’m talking, of course, about sacrificing your deep commitment to Apple’s Macs and turning toward Windows computers.

I was enthralled, you see, by the experience of a diehard Apple user who was suddenly enticed to the forbidden lands.

Mark Frauenfelder has been using Mac computers for a long time. He started with Windows PCs, but that happened to a lot of people in olden times.

His abandonment of Windows in favor of a Mac in 2002 was so absolute that he appeared in an Apple ad. In it, he described the “clunky world” of Windows.

“It’s like being stuck in a bad relationship,” he said in the ad. In those

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Political campaign emails contain dark patterns to manipulate donors, voters

Image: cattu

US political candidates use psychological tricks and dark patterns in their emails to manipulate supporters to donate money and mobilize voters.

In a study published earlier this month, academics from Princeton University said they analyzed more than 100,000 emails sent by candidates in federal and state races as well as Political Action Committees (PACs), Super PACs, political parties, and other political organizations.

The emails were collected as part of a research project that began in December 2019. Emails are still being collected today, with the research team planning to make all the data public after the US fall election cycle.

More than 280,000 emails from more than 3,000 senders were collected to date.

“Our corpus has two orders of magnitude more emails than the largest corpus of election-related emails previously analyzed in the academic literature,” the Princeton researchers said.

But while the full data will be made available

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KDDI, Orange start engine on connected automotive IoT services

In a move that will allow Toyota and Mazda the ability to offer connected car capabilities in vehicles sold across Europe, leading Japanese telecommunications service provider KDDI has selected Orange Business Services to provide a customised internet of things (IoT) platform for the Japanese automotive manufacturers.

While mass commercialisation seems a long way off for autonomous vehicles, the market has huge potential. The latest DossierPlus report from Statista predicted that by 2030, a 10th of vehicles worldwide will be self-driving, and the market volume of fully automated cars getting into gear by this time is expected to be worth $13.7bn.

Looking at which regions are driving autonomous vehicles, Statista pointed to autonomous vehicle (AV) test pilots in California, and the fact that Beijing and the city of Hamburg have also set up infrastructure for the testing of geo-fenced driverless vehicles. It predicts that Hamburg will see autonomous public transport begin

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A look at the pandemic's impact on Nextdoor and how CEO Sarah Friar has attempted to promote the concept of "kindness" amid a tumultuous year for the company (Morgan Clendaniel/Fast Company)

Morgan Clendaniel / Fast Company:

A look at the pandemic’s impact on Nextdoor and how CEO Sarah Friar has attempted to promote the concept of “kindness” amid a tumultuous year for the company  —  The social network for local communities bet on kindness to power it to an IPO.  If only the locals don’t ruin it.… Read More