MSI Summit E14 review: Gamer gets down to business with stylish thin-and-light laptop Review

After years of being one of the boys hanging on the couch, content to play games, MSI is slowly starting to grow up and look for a respectable job. Over the past year, it’s begun rolling out notebook families like the Prestige, which are built with the high-performance components MSI is used to placing in their gaming laptops, but which feature a more subtle aesthetic in an aim to appeal to content creatives on the go.

As its name suggests, the newly launched Summit series is looking to climb even higher, with a more refined design (complete with new corporate logo) and the latest 11th-generation Tiger Lake Core processors from Intel. Although the series won’t start being available until mid-November, we received an early evaluation unit to determine if the Summit can get the job done.

The Summit takes its cues from MSI’s previous productivity portables, including a chassis made

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Microsoft: Playwright for Python language lets you test web apps in all major browsers

Microsoft has announced Playwright, a tool that lets developers write tests in Python for web applications across Chrome, Chromium-based Edge, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox. 

Playwright, a Python library, allows developers to essentially control the browser with a few lines of Python code to automate cross-browser testing for single-page web apps and Progressive Web Apps. 

The Playwright for Python library is available in preview and is designed to help accelerate the process of testing web applications across Windows, Linux and macOS. It can also be used to emulate smartphones with different screen sizes, timezones, and web permissions to test a web app in mobile web browsers.

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It provides a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) to automate browsers that use the Chromium, Firefox and WebKit browser engines. Using the Playwright API, developers can write Python code to create new browser pages, navigate to

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UK online used car marketplace Cazoo raises £240M at a £2B+ valuation, double its previous valuation in June 2020, bringing its total raised to £450M (Ingrid Lunden/TechCrunch)

Ingrid Lunden / TechCrunch:

UK online used car marketplace Cazoo raises £240M at a £2B+ valuation, double its previous valuation in June 2020, bringing its total raised to £450M  —  A lot of people are opting to use cars instead of taking public transportation in the UK at the moment … … Read More

Enea claims 15% increase in RAN capacity through machine learning

With capacity a crucial operating parameter for telecoms operators with not just next-generation but current comms infrastructures, telecommunications and cyber security software provider Enea Openwave has revealed what it says is a technology breakthrough regarding capacity for radio access networks.

Enea Openwave notes that in the wake of Covid-19 many operators globally have slowed down the pace of their 5G network roll-out. This, it says, has forced a reassessment of how they can extract maximum value from their 4G network assets in the medium-term.

Also, based on figures from Enea Openwave deployments worldwide, during lockdowns, some operators faced a surge of over 90% in peak throughput. In addition, the company notes that while 5G can support up to 100 times more data traffic than 4G in the long term, for the short to medium term, operators need to prolong 4G’s lifespan.

“Video streaming continues to experience high year-on-year growth, and

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