TypeScript creator: How the programming language beat Microsoft’s open-source fears

Microsoft’s open-source programming language TypeScript – the alter ego of JavaScript but with a type system – turns 10 years old this December. 

It’s grown to become a go-to language for building apps that run in the browser but back in 2010 it had to pick its way through a Microsoft company culture that was still fearful of open source. 

TypeScript co-creator Anders Hejlsberg, a Danish software engineer and technical fellow at Microsoft, describes to ZDNet the moment in 2010 when, under the then Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer, his team decided that an open-source strategy was the only way to win over JavaScript developers. 

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Ballmer in 2001 called Linux a “cancer” that threatened all Microsoft’s intellectual property, and in 2010 open source at Microsoft was still a prickly issue for top management. 

“Linux was [seen as] a threat to Windows, and it turns

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Tencent expanding Singapore footprint to drive SEA expansion

Tencent is looking to set up its Southeast Asian base in Singapore where it currently is looking to fill dozens of job positions. The move comes amidst China’s worsening relations with the US and India, which have led to Chinese apps being banned in both countries. 

In a statement sent to ZDNet and other media outlets, Tencent said it was “expanding its business presence” in Singapore to support the company’s expansion in Southeast Asia. It added that the new Singapore office would be a “strategic addition” to its current offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. 

Tencent added that the new outfit would allow the company to tap the rapid pace of digitisation and meet demand for internet-based services in Singapore. It did not provide any investment figures.

A quick check on LinkedIn showed dozens of job openings in the city-state from the Chinese tech giant, including roles in business development,

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TikTok-Oracle partnership moves forward for consideration

The proposed partnership between TikTok and Oracle will – if approved by the US authorities – see the creation in the US of a brand new company and 20,000 jobs, it has emerged.

The joint proposal from TikTok’s China-based parent ByteDance and Oracle was made to the US government over the weekend and is designed to appease national security concerns around the data TikTok holds on millions of US citizens and devices.

Under executive orders signed in August by president Trump, the TikTok service, which rocketed to prominence during the Covid-19 pandemic, faces an imminent ban.

On Monday, US treasury secretary Stephen Mnuchin confirmed in an appearance on the CNBC network that the US government will conduct discussions with ByteDance and Oracle in the next few days about the proposals.

“We did get a proposal over the weekend that includes Oracle as the trusted technology partner, with Oracle making

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Airmeet, which offers an online events hosting service, raises $12M Series A led by Sequoia Capital India, with participation from Redpoint, Accel, and others (The Economic Times)

The Economic Times:

Airmeet, which offers an online events hosting service, raises $12M Series A led by Sequoia Capital India, with participation from Redpoint, Accel, and others  —  The investment comes as Airmeet is exiting its public beta stage and is readying to open its app for usage by organisations through a freemium model.… Read More