Microsoft Teams: Now you can use it with GitHub in this new public beta

Microsoft-owned GitHub has announced the public beta of a new GitHub integration with Microsoft Teams. 

The public beta means developers using GitHub now have the option of adding the GitHub app to the Microsoft Teams app, just as they’ve been able to do with the Slack chat for several years. 

GitHub and Slack teamed up in 2018 to bring GitHub to Slack to make it easier for teams to track GitHub activity in Slack channels. 

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The GitHub and Microsoft Teams integration, which is maintained by GitHub, offers similar functionality as the Slack integration but for Teams channels. 

“The GitHub integration for Microsoft Teams gives you and your teams full visibility into your GitHub projects right in your Teams channels, where you generate ideas, triage issues and collaborate with other teams to move projects forward,” GitHub explains

GitHub users

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Smart contact lens prototype raises eyebrows

Smart contact lenses are a sci-fi trope, but they may also offer hope for sufferers of certain kinds of debilitating eye ailments. That’s the goal of new research into a a tunable, low-powered iris embedded in a smart contact lens.

It’s a good example of the growing role of nanotechnology in human augmentation and therapeutics. The human iris controls pupil size in response to light, a critical function that allows the retina to take in appropriate sensory information. Too much light and the world is washed out, too little and it’s veiled in darkness. A host of eye diseases and deficiencies inhibit the iris from responding appropriately, including aniridia and keratoconus. Light sensitivity, similarly, is a painful debilitation and is often associated with chronic migraine.

Researchers at Imec, an innovation hub based in Belgium, along with partners like CMST, a Ghent University-affiliated research group,  the Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Fundación

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Mobile stable as UK full-fibre broadband increases significantly over first half of 2020

The fears of many in the UK in March that the nation’s broadband infrastructure would collapse through the extra strain of those working from home has proven, six month later, to be just a fear. Research from UK communications regulator Ofcom has provided evidence that this was avoided during lockdown by the accelerated roll-out of fibre and superfast broadband.

Among the headline findings of the Connected Nations Update, which looked at connectivity up until the end of May 2020, were that full-fibre broadband roll-out has increased significantly to over 4.2 million homes (14%), up from 3.5 million (12%) since the latest review. Superfast and ultrafast broadband coverage is also continuing to expand across the UK, although to a lesser extent, rising by approximately 100,000 and 500,000 properties respectively.

While home broadband use and mobile calls traffic both saw significant increases as a result of changing working practices, mobile data

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Facebook sues the Irish data protection watchdog in a bid to stop the proposed order that could stop trans-Atlantic transfers of EU users' data (Stephanie Bodoni/Bloomberg)

Stephanie Bodoni / Bloomberg:

Facebook sues the Irish data protection watchdog in a bid to stop the proposed order that could stop trans-Atlantic transfers of EU users’ data  —  – Move follows Irish threat to halt Facebook’s data transfers  — Legal wrangling comes after EU court toppled EU-U.S pact… Read More