Microsoft’s new Fluid Framework: Now it’s open-sourced on GitHub

Microsoft has published the code for its new Fluid Framework on GitHub, offering developers a TypeScript library for building “distributed, real-time collaborative web applications”.

The Fluid Framework repository has arrived on GitHub following Microsoft’s announcement at Build 2020 in May that the technology would be open-sourced and would first arrive as Fluid ‘components’ in the Outlook web app and The Fluid Framework was announced at Build 2019

Microsoft open-sourced Fluid Framework to encourage developers to use it to build new web-based distributed apps for low-latency real-time collaboration. 

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Via Fluid components, Microsoft lets Outlook for the Web users embed components in email such as tables, charts, and task lists, which automatically stay up to date. Microsoft wants developers to use the Fluid Framework to explore new ways of collaborating in applications, email and documents. 

Microsoft describes Fluid Framework as

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New CDRThief malware targets VoIP softswitches to steal call detail records

Image: Media_Visuals

Security researchers from Slovak cyber-security firm ESET said today they discovered a very rare piece of Linux malware that targets Voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephony switches with the end goal of stealing call details metadata.

For the time being, researchers said they merely spotted the malware and analyzed its behavior, but aren’t 100% sure who developed it, and for what purpose.

Considered theories include that the malware, which they named CDRThief, could be used for cyber-espionage or for a type of telephony fraud scheme known as International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF).

How CDRThief works

But regardless of the end goal, the general conclusion from the ESET team was that CDRThief was developed by a threat actor with deep knowledge of the VoIP landscape.

For starters, the malware only targets two VoIP softswitches running on Linux servers. VoIP softswitches are software programs that run on regular servers and are

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Connected vehicle association makes call for wireless spectrum to develop use cases

With autonomous vehicle development looking to hit the accelerator, the 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) is calling on national and regional administrations to make sufficient radio spectrum available for mobile communication networks in targeted low- and mid-bands to ensure that the industry develops at its intended rate.

The global, cross-industry organisation of companies and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) from the automotive, technology and telecommunications industries expects to see mass deployment of vehicle-to-everything (V2X) use cases geared towards improving traffic efficiency and road safety around the world.

In a recently published whitepaper, A visionary roadmap for advanced driving use cases, connectivity technologies, and radio spectrum Needs, 5GAA explored how leading automakers, mobile network operators and their suppliers see the world of automotive connectivity, with vehicles talking to one another as well as roadside and telecom infrastructure and operators in so-called V2X communication.

The paper highlights selected end-to-end V2X applications factoring in the

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To evade government censorship, Chinese internet users have repurposed GitHub as a COVID-19 archive for news articles, medical journals, and personal accounts (Yi-Ling Liu/Wired)

Yi-Ling Liu / Wired:

To evade government censorship, Chinese internet users have repurposed GitHub as a COVID-19 archive for news articles, medical journals, and personal accounts  —  As coronavirus news was increasingly trapped behind the Great Firewall, the programming platform became a refuge from censorship.… Read More