Will a platform strategy help Microsoft Teams win the long game?

As the summer started this year, Microsoft continued to deliver its vision for making Microsoft Teams more extensible by 3rd party developers to enrich the collaboration service’s experience. These extensions make Teams more customizable, contextual, and integrated with other digital tools, and therefore more efficient and convenient for the user.

Microsoft is very much on a roll with Teams, is rapidly improving it and adding features, and has generally seized on the global shift to remote work during the pandemic to gain momentum in the categories that Teams plays in. While it’s not a new decision, as Microsoft delivered on the early Team developer platform in 2018, it’s now reached a maturity level that is now to starting to sustain a large 3rd party developer audience.

The decision to make Teams a full platform in its own right might puzzle some industry watchers who have tracked the dubious

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Millions of WordPress sites are being probed & attacked with recent plugin bug

Millions of WordPress sites have been probed and attacked this week, Defiant, the company behind the Wordfence web firewall said on Friday.

The sudden spike in attacks happened after hackers discovered and started exploiting a zero-day vulnerability in “File Manager,” a popular WordPress plugin installed on more than 700,000 sites.

The zero-day was an unauthenticated file upload vulnerability[12] that allowed an attacker to upload malicious files on a site running an older version of the File Manager plugin.

It’s unclear how hackers discovered the zero-day, but since earlier this week, they began probing for sites where this plugin might be installed.

If a probe was successful, the attackers would exploit the zero-day and upload a web shell disguised inside an image file on the victim’s server. The attackers would then access the web shell and take over the victim’s site, ensnaring it inside a

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Covid-19 has strained London tech firms but they have central role in recovery

The Covid-19 pandemic has put huge strains on London’s tech community with uncertainty over their very survival, but they are preparing for a central role in the ongoing fight against the virus and the disruption it has caused.

According to a survey of its members by tech network Tech London Advocates (TLA), 50% are prioritising survival for the next three months as they recognise the threat to their viability caused by Covid-19.

When lockdowns were announced across the world, the economy slowed dramatically, with sectors such as retail, hospitality and travel hit the hardest. To heighten the challenge for startups, not only were consumers not spending, but investors were no longer putting money into startups.

This had a huge impact on tech startups that rely on investment capital during their journey to profitability. For example, in the TLA survey, 63% said cashflow was one of their biggest challenges.

When it

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PicnicHealth, which lets patients access and manage their health records online and share their medical history with researchers, raises $25M Series B (Jonathan Shieber/TechCrunch)

Jonathan Shieber / TechCrunch:

PicnicHealth, which lets patients access and manage their health records online and share their medical history with researchers, raises $25M Series B  —  PicnicHealth, the startup that’s looking to give patients a way to manage their care in one place and pharmaceutical companies access … … Read More