Microsoft strengthens deepfake fight with new authentication tools

In an effort to combat the prevalence of deepfakes, Microsoft has launched a new video authenticator tool, which can analyse a still photo or video to provide a percentage of the chance that a piece of media is artificially manipulated.

In the case of a video, Microsoft said it could provide this percentage in real time for each frame as the video plays. It works by detecting the blending boundary of the deepfake and subtle fading or greyscale elements that might not be detectable by the human eye.

Deepfakes, or synthetic media, can be photos, videos, or audio files manipulated by artificial intelligence (AI). Microsoft said detection of deepfakes is crucial in the lead up to the US election.

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The tech was created using a public dataset from Face Forensic++ and Microsoft said it was tested on

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Drone-in-a-box takes over aerial security

If you zoom out, the drone landscape is positively dominated by DJI, the Chinese drone giant that claims more than 70% market share. But if you move a little closer, you’ll find fissures in the market where smaller players have made a big impact.

High end security is one such niche, and the new name of the game in that race is autonomous all-in-one systems that can fly missions by themselves and stow down to the size of a suitcase. One of the leaders in the space, Easy Aerial, is a prime example of a company that’s flourished outside of DJI’s domination. 

The company has been in stealth mode since 2015 and has developed a line of autonomous free-flight and tethered drone-in-a-box systems for applications such as perimeter security, border patrol, overwatch, agriculture, and industrial applications. With its $6M Series A just wrapped up, the company is small

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App integration means emergency services can identify caller location in three words

Capita has integrated an app with its emergency services control room platform to make it easier for responders to identify the location where help is needed.

Rather than requiring an address or GPS coordinates, the What3words app provides three words which correspond with the exact location of an emergency call.

Capita has integrated the app with its ControlWorks platform, which it provides to emergency services, including police and fire services. The business and IT service provider currently has about 50% coverage of UK fire services and seven out of 44 police forces.

What3words splits the entire world into three-metre square sections, with a unique three-word combination identifying each one.

In isolated areas, it is difficult for people to explain their exact location, but the app will give the caller three words that correspond to the spot where they are using GPS.

Postcodes, for example, can apply to large areas and

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India-based online learning service Unacademy raises $150M Series F led by SoftBank's Vision Fund 2 at a $1.45B valuation, tripling a $510M valuation from Feb. (Saritha Rai/Bloomberg)

Saritha Rai / Bloomberg:

India-based online learning service Unacademy raises $150M Series F led by SoftBank’s Vision Fund 2 at a $1.45B valuation, tripling a $510M valuation from Feb.  —  SoftBank Group Corp. is leading a round of venture investment in India’s education startup Unacademy, boosting its valuation … … Read More