Microsoft Edge is stealing Chrome users’ data? I asked Microsoft if it’s true

A window into edgy, sneaky competition?

I have a weakness for drama.

Especially when it involves espionage, sneaky behavior and uncontrolled anger.

I binge-ate a large bucket of hibiscus-flavored popcorn, therefore, when I heard that some Chrome and Firefox users were accusing Microsoft of underhand activities.

I was alerted to a Reddit thread that offered disturbing allegations. Sample from Redditor krankie: “I was immediately annoyed at how invasive this is. I’m a software developer so I’m sensitive to these sort of UI tricks.”

And I’m sensitive to the beginnings of a feisty ruckus. When the likes of Microsoft raises a software developer’s hackles, you have the makings of a scurrilous saga.

In this case, these Redditors said that Microsoft is foisting its new Edge browser on the unsuspecting in Windows 10.

Redditor krankie continued: “No option to get rid of the window, you cannot close Edge with the mouse

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Department of Finance dismisses idea of discretionary NBN write-down

The Department of Finance has attempted to pour cold water on the idea of writing down the value of the National Broadband Network, stating that any movements in value are dictated by accounting standards.

“The value of NBN in government funded statements is in line with the Australian accounting standards. So there isn’t an ability for the government to unilaterally choose to write down or determine the value of NBN,” Department of Finance first assistant secretary for financial analysis, reporting and management, governance and resource management Tracy Carroll told the Joint Standing Committee on the National Broadband Network on Friday.

“For the financial year most recently completed, NBN is valued on the basis of the net assets. There’s a process being undertaken right now, for the financial year that will end on 30 June 2020, to consider what’s the appropriate value for the NBN that would be reflected.”

Carroll added

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95% of North American CIOs report remote work issues during lockdown

With one or two exceptions, the general consensus has been that employees in the major economies forced to work from home since March due to Covid-19 have coped well, but research from Hitachi ID Systems and Pulse has found that CIOs have had to battle hard to maintain acceptable experiences for remote workers.

Indeed, the survey in May 2020 of 100 North American C-suite executives at enterprise, mid-sized, and small companies looking at the biggest roadblocks IT teams have encountered while working from home found that as many as 95% of all CIO respondents reported that their IT organisations have been bogged down by inefficiencies since the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated a shift to a remote workforce.

Employee password lockouts were reported to be the top challenge, with 71% of respondents stating it has negatively impacted productivity. The survey found that as employees try to connect from home, IT admins were

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