Microsoft, stop feeding bugs to a billion Windows 10 users. Here’s how

With mild fanfare, Microsoft this week announced it was making a few changes to the Windows Insider Program. At first glance, these appear to be minor tweaks, renaming the options that are available for customers who sign up to install and provide feedback on Windows 10 before its general release.

The Dev Channel replaces the old Fast Ring, Beta Channel is the new name for Slow Ring, and the Release Preview Ring becomes the Release Preview Channel. (In a blog post introducing the changes, Windows Insider Program manager Amanda Langowski says “The transition to channels will start showing up on the Windows Insider Program’s Settings page in builds later this month.”)

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The effect of those name changes for participants in

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Nordic business is leading open banking charge in Europe

Nordic businesses are leading the way in European open banking, with half of those surveyed recently already offering open banking functionality in their services.

The combination of an advanced digital society and government support makes countries in the Nordics the perfect environment to prove the value of open banking.

A survey carried out by Danish open banking software provider Nordic API Gateway has revealed that three-quarters of businesses operating in the region’s financial services sector have either already made changes or plan to make changes to their services following the introduction of the EU’s Payments Services Directive part 2 (PSD2) last September.

PSD2 enables third parties to access the customer data held by banks via application programming interfaces (APIs), if customer consent is granted, and offer services using this information. For example, a company, with your consent, can take a payment directly from your account without you leaving its

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Lion faces further ‘setbacks’ as it recovers from ransomware attack

Following Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Friday morning saying Australian organisations are currently being targeted by a sophisticated state-based cyber actor, local beverage giant Lion provided an update on its own cyber battle.

“Lion and our expert cyber team continue to investigate the ransomware attack that caused a partial IT outage last week,” it said on Friday.

“It’s important to reinforce that while this attack has had an impact on our operations, we are still brewing beer and manufacturing our dairy and drinks brands, and we’ve managed to keep shipping products to many of our customers. 

“While our service is still not at our expected levels, we are doing our very best to resume normal operations.”

Need to disclose a breach? Read this: Notifiable Data Breaches scheme: Getting ready to disclose a data breach in Australia

Lion, formerly Lion Nathan, said that despite experiencing some setbacks over the last

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iPhone issues see UK government dump centralised model for Covid-19 contact-tracing app

In the latest twist of the ongoing saga of its production, and hours after a government minister hinted that the much-delayed product may only be ready by winter, the development of the UK coronavirus contact-tracing app is to undergo a fundamental shift away from its much-criticised centralised model.

Health secretary Matt Hancock announced that the government is to abandon the development for the original version of the app after conceding that trials taking place on the Isle of Wight found that the app does not estimate distance well enough. He said that while usage on Android devices had been better, there were significant detection problems for app users with Apple iPhones.

Details of the current UK contract-tracing app were first revealed in April 2020 showing that it was to be based on a centralised model and not the decentralised approach based on Apple and Google API technologies used by contact-tracing

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