Windows 10 printer mystery: More complain June Patch Tuesday is causing havoc

There appears to be a surge in reports from Windows 10 admins that this week’s Patch Tuesday updates are causing problems with a range of enterprise printers. 

Windows 10 admins report on Reddit that printer issues have arisen on Ricoh, Canon, Panasonic, and Brother printers after installing the June 9 Patch Tuesday updates KB4560960 for Windows 10 1903 to 1909 and KB4557957 for Windows 10 2004. 

Some admins also note issues with Toshiba and HP printers after installing the update. 

The reports emerged as Microsoft published a support note on Wednesday detailing an issue affecting Windows 10 1903 and later with a USB-connected printers. 

Microsoft said the USB printer port is missing after disconnecting or turning off a printer while Windows version 1903 and later are shut down. The vanished port pretty much means print jobs won’t work anymore but, according to Microsoft, it only happens if the computer and

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Brits get used to life without cash

British people, forced to avoid using cash during the Covid-19 pandemic, are getting used to life without it.

According to a survey from Nationwide Building Society, the lockdown, introduced to reduce the spread of Covid-19, will have a long lasting effect on the use of cash in the UK.

The survey of 2,000 people found that the average respondent has gone over six weeks without using cash. Digital payments are unsurprisingly increasing, with many people using them for the first time. In fact, lockdown has forced 27% of respondents to use mobile payments and 25% to use online or mobile banking for first time.

This could have a permanent impact on the use of cash in the UK. Nationwide found that 50% of people will use cash less in future, and 61% have started using other methods to make payments.

Nationwide customer habits reveal a spike in contactless payments during

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Best Father’s Day 2020 gifts: Top online tech subscriptions for dad

Father’s Day is around the corner, but there’s still plenty of time to get your dad a gift that he’ll really enjoy. And, for this year’s selection, we’ve chosen to highlight online services and subscriptions that he can enjoy for an entire year. 

There’s not a sock — or sock subscription — in sight!

Is your dad a life-long learner? If he has a passion for and curiosity to learn new things, then why not get him a subscription to The Great Courses Plus. There, he can access a huge library of college-level courses taught by some of the world’s greatest professors from prestigious universities and institutions around the globe.

He can binge-watch and learn at the same time, and there are hundreds of courses in the library, with new content added every month.

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CleanMyMac X

Yes, even Macs get kludgy and slow over time. But

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Fake contact-tracing apps delivering banking trojans

A wide range of official Android Covid-19 contact-tracing apps are being spoofed by cyber criminals and used to deliver the Anubis and SpyNote malware strains, according to new research by threat researchers at Anomali, which specialises in machine learning-enhanced security intelligence.

The fake apps, mostly targeting Android devices, are designed to download and install malware to monitor their targets, and steal banking credentials and other valuable personal data. Anomali said it believed the fake apps were being distributed via other apps, third-party stores and websites, and none of them had been spotted in the official Google Play Store.

All told, the Anomali Threat Research (ATR) team found 12 malicious apps targeting citizens of Armenia, Brazil, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Singapore. There can be little doubt that others exist that have not yet been detected, said ATR.

“The potential security and privacy-related risk of malicious

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