Google is really annoyed you’re using Microsoft Edge

A little edgy?

Google, from its very beginning, thought it was so clever. It’s never really stopped thinking that.

And when it discovers competition — from what it deems an unworthy source — Google can become irritable.

Here is but the latest chapter, for example, in its riveting browser scuffle with Microsoft.

Once upon a time, Google created Chrome, a browser that actually seemed to work for fundamental things like video and opening more than one tab at the same time.

Humans, flocking fools that they are, immediately forsook their old browsers. Why, Chrome’s market share is now said to be almost 50 percent.

But then here came Microsoft with something oddly competent. Yes, it was still called Edge. But this Edge was smooth and sprightly. Which could be something to do with the fact that it’s based on Google’s Chromium platform.

Google seemed miffed that Microsoft had

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Digital bank Monzo cuts 120 staff

Digital challenger bank Monzo has announced that it will cut 120 jobs as the continued disruption caused by the Covid-19 takes its toll.

This comes two weeks after the bank announced plans to raise £80m to help it through the current slowdown.

As reported by Reuters, an internal memo to staff said: “Unfortunately we haven’t been able to achieve the goal of preventing the risk of redundancy at this time. It’s genuinely heartbreaking to share the news.”

Monzo is a mobile-only bank that received its banking licence in April 2017. It has amassed about one million customers and is creating jobs, including plans last year to create 300 jobs in Cardiff over the next few years.

Before making announcing the redundancies Monzo’s CEO Tom Blomfield had already announced he would not take a salary for the next 12 months. It also furloughed some employees and closed a customer service

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Lenovo launches new $230 Chromebook 3, $330 Chromebook Flex 3i 11.6-inch laptops

Lenovo Chromebook Flex 3i

Lenovo has generated plenty of hype around its new IdeaPad Duet Chromebook, a 10-inch tablet with included Bluetooth keyboard for just $279, but appears to be much more low-key in rolling out its even (slightly) newer Chromebook 3 and Chromebook Flex 3i systems. Their launch earlier this week didn’t even garner a press release, just landing on the Lenovo website to be sussed out by online sleuths (like Chrome Unboxed).

Part of the reason for the quiet introduction may owe to the basic nature of the new Chromebooks, neither of which includes any standout features other than maybe their budget-friendly starting prices. Both models come with Intel Celeron N4020 processors, 4GB of RAM, and 11.6-inch 1,366×768 displays — just the type of no-nonsense components that Google envisioned when it launched the Chromebook concept way back when.

The Flex 3i, however, is a 2-in-1 laptop,

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Police chiefs working with Public Health England on contact-tracing security

The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) is in talks with Public Health England (PHE) over concerns that the NHS Test and Trace programme presents a danger to the personal security of serving police officers, but has denied that this means the police will be able to opt out of contact tracing, or that forces will develop their own contact-tracing app.

Sky News had earlier reported that police chiefs had raised significant concerns around disclosing to NHS contact tracers the personal data of contacts who may be officers on active undercover or counter-terrorism duties, or civilian witnesses to and victims of crime, citing an undisclosed source. The news channel claimed there were even concerns that sticking to the letter of the law on contact-tracing rules might see entire police stations or units having to suspend their work altogether.

“To ensure information about policing activity and the privacy of members of the

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