´╗┐Everything You Should Know Before You Learn PLC Controls for 2019

If you wish to learn more about programmable logic controllers, or PLCs, it is essential to know where to start. Usually, it is best to start from the very beginning.

PLCs are small industrial computers that feature modular components that will control and automate specific processes. The most common places for their use are in industrial plants and factories with the idea to control lights, motors, circuit breakers, fans, pumps and other machinery which is essential for the particular industry. You should check links like https://onlineplcsupport.com if you wish to learn more on PLC and its support.

It all started in the middle of the 20th century when automation was done by using electromechanical relay circuits. The main problem was that the number of wires, relays, and spaces had to be significant to create simple automation. For a straightforward factory process, factories had to use thousands of relays, which was the main reason for the existence and development of PLCs.

You should note that the industry is still using electromechanical relays for opening and closing and industrial automation. However, the need for them is minimal since they require lots of area for the simple process.

History of Programmable Logic Controllers

The first PLC entered the industry in 1968 with the idea to replace relay circuitry. It was the convenient choice because most technicians and engineers could program it since most of them already knew the controls and logic schematics.

Since the very beginning, programmable logic controllers used ladder logic as the programming language, and the main idea was to control the circuit schematics. Ladder diagram resembles control circuits because power transits from left to right and uses closed contacts so that you can energize relay coil.

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