Windows 10 2004: These are the features we’re deprecating or dropping, says Microsoft

With the Windows 10 May 2020 Update, version 2004, now released, Microsoft has detailed the Windows 10 features it’s no longer developing and features it’s removed. 

Features that are no longer under active development are those that Microsoft might remove in a future update. With every major Windows 10 release, Microsoft details features of the operating system that it stops developing and removes.  

The three features Microsoft is no longer developing in Windows 10 2004 include Companion Device Framework, the legacy Microsoft Edge browser, and Dynamic Disks. 

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The Companion Device Framework was restricted to approved developers and was designed to enable IoT devices to be used as an external authentication device for Windows Hello on Windows 10 PCs that lacked, for example, an infrared camera for facial authentication. 

The legacy EdgeHTML Microsoft Edge of course has been

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Powerbeats Pro will come in four bright new colors June 9

The very bright new colors of Powerbeats Pro. 


Last year, around this time, Beats launched the Powerbeats Pro, a $249 pair of completely wireless earbuds designed for fitness buffs. Since then, we haven’t really heard much about the Powerbeats Pro, outside of some new colors in late 2019

On Friday, Beats announced that starting June 9, you can purchase the Powerbeats Pro in four new colors: Spring Yellow, Cloud Pink, Lava Red and Glacier Blue. 

The new colors are bright and vivid and a nice break from rather dark and bleak black, green moss or dark navy blue colors. There’s also an off-white model.

As a refresher, the Powerbeats Pro have up to nine-hour battery life, with a total of 24 hours if you include the extra power provided by the charging case, IPX4 sweat and water resistance and on-ear volume and playback controls. 

Inside the

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Wireless Broadband Alliance calls for single global Wi-Fi network

With Wi-Fi 6E potentially about to create a revolution in networking, the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) has invited all organisations in the Wi-Fi ecosystem to become part of a globally available Wi-Fi federation, WBA OpenRoaming.

The WBA aims to drive “seamless”, interoperable service experiences via Wi-Fi within the global wireless ecosystem and strives to enable collaboration between service providers, technology companies and all other organisations within the wireless ecosystem.

WBA OpenRoaming is designed to offer an automatic and secure connection of billions of devices to millions of Wi-Fi networks, providing a global standards-led approach, removing public-guest Wi-Fi connectivity barriers and bringing greater convenience and security to the wireless ecosystem.

The WBA insists that OpenRoaming can simplify Wi-Fi, much like the cellular roaming experience. It says companies that join WBA OpenRoaming can allow end-users to automatically connect on any Wi-Fi network managed by a federation member. This, it claims, creates

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HP launches new EliteBook laptops, ZBook Firefly mobile workstations

HP ZBook Firefly

In its mixed bag of second quarter results, HP reported flat notebook revenue, which was actually one of the brighter spots. (In comparison, desktop revenue were down 18 percent.) No doubt recent events have kept notebook sales afloat, and HP is looking to capitalize on the telecommuting surge with its announcement of a fleet of new business laptops, including a refresh of its EliteBook lineup and an expansion of the ZBook mobile workstation family.

The EliteBook update comprises a mix of new models and revamped editions of existing systems. In particular, the 13.3-inch EliteBook x360 1030 G7 and 14-inch 1040 G7 convertible laptops receive updates that include a slight reduction in size that results in up to an 89-percent ratio of screen to body, which HP claims is a class-leading figure. Other upgrades are the use of 10th-generation six-core Intel Core vPro processors, and up to

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TSB Bank digitises banking forms in response to coronavirus lockdown

TSB Bank has begun rolling out Adobe Sign as part of its 2022 digital transformation strategy. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the bank has used software from Adobe to support its personal and business banking customers.

Forms designed in Adobe XD are being made available to the bank’s customers online, where customers can complete the forms and electronically sign them via Adobe Sign. According to TSB Bank, the digitised workflow has enabled it to free up employees’ time to focus on proactively helping customers manage their finances.

TSB said the roll-out of Adobe Sign also means it has been able to accelerate its vision of enabling more customers to be serviced through its digital channels, negating the need for physical, in-branch visits, and greatly reducing customer calls to contact centres.

Over the past eight weeks, TSB Bank has released 18 forms online, designed in Adobe XD, and processed

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CSIRO to spend up to AU$7 million annually through new procurement portal

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) is looking to build an online procurement portal that the agency’s IT team will use to procure network, unified communications, cybersecurity, and data centre hardware, software, and services for the next five years.

In its request for tender, CSIRO said it anticipates to spend on average between AU$6 million to AU$7 million annually through its eProcurement Portal to support the organisation’s network infrastructure.

“CSIRO IMT provides foundation services that enable the organisation to perform and deliver against current and strategic directions … the network is progressively developed, consolidated, and enhanced to enable high performance, reliable, and efficient IT services,” the agency wrote.

The portal is expected to enable the agency access to a full catalogue of hardware, including servers, storage arrays, core, edge, and data centre network equipment, firewalls, as well as software for network management, server virtualisation, data analytics, cybersecurity, and networking

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