ZDNet Holiday Gift Guide 2020

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All year, our expert reviewers scour the internet to find the top technology products and services for our business audience. Now that the holiday shopping season is here, we’re recommending what would make great gifts. 

Top tech gift ideas for the holidays

Here’s a look at ZDNet’s top choices for technology gifts, gadgets, and accessories.

Best gadgets for your favorite junior roboticists and hackers

If you want to spark the imagination of your kids while at the same time giving them a leg up with some of the tech skills they’ll need as adults, you can’t go wrong by looking at these products as gifts this holiday season.

Home office tech that every remote worker wants

Working from home doesn’t have to be a series of compromises. Here are 12 gifts that will make your loved one’s job easier.

Inexpensive tech and gadgets for under $100


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Why 59 minutes is the most important period in tech

She’s trying not to look at her phone. These are her 59 minutes.

My phone is my pulse.

I wake up, I grab my iPhone and instantly I know I’m alive.

I disappear into terrible news, disturbing pictures, and, especially, short videos of people doing something truly ridiculous.

Then, I’m ready for my day, a day that involves hours of staring at screens. A lot of staring at screens. 

I write while staring at a screen that displays my words, while also staring at another screen that’s showing a vitally important sporting event from somewhere in the world. (The effect is evident, of course.)

Somehow, I’ve come to edit out information about how long people are attached to their gadgets every day.

The answer is usually “a lot.”

Still, a new study descended onto my screen, while I was watching the decisive Game 6 of the Korean Series. (The

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Broadband access drives New Zealand remote working to be permanent fixture

Research by New Zealand telecommunications infrastructure provider Chorus has revealed that even though the country has been an exemplar in how to deal with a pandemic, Covid-19 has pushed New Zealanders to do more online – and the changes are sticking. 

The broadband behavioural survey, conducted by Venture Insights, an ANZ telco and media research and consulting company, was commissioned by Chorus in October 2020 as a follow-up to a previous survey conducted in April 2020. The aim of both surveys was to determine how Covid-19 has changed online behaviours and which of these behaviours are continuing as New Zealand comes out of lockdown. The survey covered broadband usage, working from home, telehealth usage and online shopping behaviour.

It found that remote working remained high over the months. Before the pandemic, 28% of respondents had worked from home and the April study revealed a significant increase in working from home

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Walmart Black Friday deals: Apple Watch, Nest Hub, and more

This year’s hottest Black Friday trend this year may be “pre-Black Friday,” with retailers looking to jumpstart holiday shopping with early deals that will reward shoppers who think waiting until the end of November to start buying gifts is procrastinating. Dell already set the stage for this strategy with essentially six weeks of Black Friday sales, and now Walmart is joining it as an early bird.

Walmart has announced a pair of major shopping events in early November: The first “Deals for Days” sales kick off on Wednesday, Nov. 4 and return on Saturday, Nov. 7, and the second begins the following Wednesday (Nov. 11) and repeats on Saturday, Nov. 14. While the first event features a couple of gaming laptops, the second offers several notebook and tablet deals to entice potential buyers. We’ve highlighted the best of these below, and expect a number of additional ones when Walmart’s actual

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Buy two: Tech gifts and gadgets so cool you’ll want one for yourself too

Many of us are clinging to the idea of a relatively normal Christmas, and while this may or may not be the case, gift-giving over 2020 is still going to happen. 

In light of potential delivery delays, new stay-at-home orders, and potential restrictions on our high streets, it’s worth ticking off items on the Christmas shopping list slightly earlier this year — if at all possible — and there are some great technology gifts and gadgets out there worth considering. 

The holiday season may not be full of cheer; however, there are some cool and useful tech gifts available — and some of them might tempt the gift-giver, too. 

Below, ZDNet has compiled a list of our top picks of cool tech products for Christmas that might lure you to pick up two and keep one for yourself. After the year we’ve had, who would blame you?

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