Windows 10: Microsoft details workaround for ‘Reset This PC’ failures in 2004 update

Microsoft has offered users of Windows 10 version 2004 a workaround for the ‘Reset This PC’ problem that stops them using the feature. 

Windows 10 Reset This PC feature is designed to help user reset the PC if it isn’t running well. As of Windows 10 version 2004, the feature offers users the option of downloading setup files from the cloud instead of using the local installation files. 

It also supports reinstalling Windows using local files, as it has since it was introduced in Windows 8. But on PCs with a fast internet connection, the cloud download option should make the reset process quicker and cleaner.

However, Microsoft confused Windows 10 2004 users after it quietly moved the Fresh Start option for installing a clean version of Windows 10 from the Settings app. Instead, as Ghacks reported at the time, on Windows 10 version 2004 and newer, Fresh start

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Tibco to buy Information Builders’ tech for analytics, integration. But will it blend?

Tibco Software, an enterprise integration and data analytics player, announced yesterday an agreement to acquire Information Builders (IBI), a pioneer in business intelligence (BI) and enterprise reporting. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, though Reuters has reported that the deal may be valued as high as $1B. 

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Executive summary

ZDNet spoke to the CEOs of both companies, who explained the synergies they see arising from the acquisition. In describing the two companies’ courtship, IBI CEO Frank J. Vella thought compatibility was very high: “…you’re not often in a luxurious position to pick your buyer; it has to be mutual,” Vella said. He added “…there was a lot of interest. We were pleasantly surprised and flattered at the interest.” Vella also remarked that people, product and customers were IBI’s biggest priorities in assessing the right buyer, and

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Taylor Construction successfully trials 5G for high-tech applications

Australia-based Taylor Construction is said to have established a new standard for 5G-enabled high-tech applications for the enterprise in Australia after completing a trial with LTE and 5G-based systems provider Cradlepoint – the first documented 5G enterprise use case with enterprise-grade 5G edge networking that it has demonstrated.

Established in 1994, Taylor Construction Australia designs, builds and develops diverse projects for all sectors, from project inception to completion. With more than 250 team members, Taylor services its clients across core divisions including construction, fitout and refurbishment and property.

In terms of communications, Taylor is already using wide area network (WAN) speeds and coverage, including 20 times the performance of its 4G connection, to support a range of bandwidth and latency sensitive connected devices and applications on its construction sites.

Following the February 2020 release of Cradlepoint’s portfolio of 5G wireless edge systems for business in Australia, coinciding with the roll-out

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Instacart will start accepting food stamps as a form of payment in coming weeks, beginning with a pilot program with Aldi in Georgia (Karissa Bell/Engadget)

Karissa Bell / Engadget:

Instacart will start accepting food stamps as a form of payment in coming weeks, beginning with a pilot program with Aldi in Georgia  —  Grocery delivery service Instacart will soon begin accepting food stamps as a form of payment within its app.  The company announced that “in the coming weeks … … Read More

These 11 programming languages now work with Kite’s AI code-completion tool

Kite, the maker of an AI-powered tool that automatically completes lines of code, has added support for 11 new languages beyond Python and JavaScript. 

The newly supported languages consist of Java, C, C++, C#, TypeScript, Kotlin, Objective C, Scala, Go, HTML/CSS, and Less. With the 11 new languages, Kite now supports 13 languages. They’re almost all among RedMonk’s list of the top 20 most popular programming languages

Kite CEO Adam Smith tells ZDNet it will also roll out support for PHP, Ruby and Shell in the next few weeks.  

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Kite promises to adapt to a developer’s style of coding on the fly and suggest multiple tokens – the equivalent of words – without developers first having to manually define the structure of a ‘sentence’.

However, Kite initially only supported Python completions because its former approach required it to build a dedicated semantic

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Cognizant acquires Bright Wolf to expand Industrial IoT business

Cognizant has acquired Bright Wolf in order to push the firm’s portfolio further into the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) market. 

On Thursday, the digital services group said the deal will “enrich” Cognizant’s existing IoT services range, designed for smart factories, equipment monitoring, connected vehicles, and lately, products that leverage data analytics to improve the safety of buildings in light of COVID-19.

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The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. 

Founded in 2009, Durham, North Carolina-based Bright Wolf is an enterprise IoT technology and solutions provider for large-scale manufacturing outfits, ranging from energy to agriculture and transport. 

CNET: This app lets you see IoT devices around you and what data they’re taking

Bright Wolf develops custom IIoT solutions for Fortune 1000 companies and is an AWS partner. Services include consultancy, bringing traditional factories into Industry 4.0 by automating and providing data analytics,

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