Microsoft did some research. Now it’s angry about what it found

Is it too late?

I’m quite used to hearing that Microsoft has annoyed someone.

Usually, it’s a Windows user who’s angry about Redmond’s keenness to slip unwanted products onto their screens.

I was rather moved, then, to hear that Microsoft itself is enduring conniptions of the most fundamental kind.

You see, the company recently commissioned research company YouGov to ask 5,000 registered voters about their innermost feelings. One or two deeply felt highlights emerged.

90% of respondents admitted they’re worried every time they share their information online. 

70% privately pointed their fingers at the US government. They said it isn’t doing enough to protect their personal data.

A simliar 70% said they’d like to see the next administration enact privacy legislation.

How do I know this made Microsoft angry? Well, these details come from a bracingly seething blog post — published this week — from the company’s “Corporate Vice-President

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Totallee case for Apple iPhone 12: Subtle scratch protection

The Apple iPhone 12 just launched and give the cool new blue color option I couldn’t resist. Totallee sent along a couple of its iPhone 12 thin cases and if you want to maintain the look of your iPhone with no bulk then these super thin cases should be considered.

Totallee offers five color/material options for the iPhone 12 this year and if you have one of the other three iPhone 12 models there are case options for them too. iPhone 12 options include matte finish cases in Frosted Clear, Frosted Black, Navy Blue, and Green. Totallee also offers a transparent (clear) option. I tried out the Frosted Black and Navy Blue case options.

Also: Apple iPhone 12 first take: Perfect size, 5G coverage, and lovely design are compelling

The Totallee cases are scheduled to start shipping on 13 November and can be pre-ordered now for $35. The elegance of

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Orange Belgium reveals first 5G innovations in Port of Antwerp

Less than a year after announcing the creation of its Industry 4.0 campus in the Port of Antwerp area, Orange Belgium and its industrial partners have unveiled the fruits of their work in developing real-life applications, tailor-made for businesses, based on Orange Belgium’s 5G network in Europe’s second-largest port.

Orange first indicated the importance of the Port of Antwerp in January 2020 when it laid out its roadmap for Europe in 2020, highlighting the power of convergence and the need for ecosystem partnerships. While noting at the time some local issues that could delay the national roll-out of 5G in Belgium, Orange also revealed that it was working with the Port of Antwerp to introduce a standalone 5G network that could improve operational efficiency.

Fast forward nine months and Orange and its ecosystem partners are claiming they have now achieved “concrete results” by co-innovating and co-creating in the zone of

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Q&A with Vint Cerf, who has been working on building an internet for space, using disruption/delay-tolerant networking (DTN) protocol, an alternative to TCP/IP (Susan D'Agostino/Quanta Magazine)

Susan D’Agostino / Quanta Magazine:

Q&A with Vint Cerf, who has been working on building an internet for space, using disruption/delay-tolerant networking (DTN) protocol, an alternative to TCP/IP  —  Vinton Cerf helped create the internet 40 years ago, and he’s still working to connect people around the world — and off it.… Read More

RIAA blitz takes down 18 GitHub projects used for downloading YouTube videos

Image: ZDNet

Microsoft-owned GitHub has removed today 18 projects from its code-hosting portal following a legal request filed by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

All the code repositories removed today are related to the youtube-dl project.

Youtube-dl is a Python library that allows developers to download the source audio and video files behind YouTube videos.

In a letter sent to GitHub, RIAA argued that the “clear purpose of this source code [the youtube-dl library]” was to “circumvent the technological protection measures used by authorized streaming services such as YouTube” and to allow users to “reproduce and distribute music videos and sound recordings […] without authorization.”

RIAA noted that the project’s source code “expressly suggests its use to copy and/or distribute the following copyrighted works.”

RIAA, a trade organization that claims to represent around 85% of all the US recording industry, requested that GitHub removed the youtube-dl

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United and American just got a chilling reality check (from a big flyer)

Not so many nice seats in the future?

It’s been like WWE, but with only one side snarling.

That’s why I’ve found this oddly mesmerizing.

Yes, I miss flying.

Not just because I’d like to see America from afar for once, but because there are people I want to talk to face to face.

Over the last few weeks, Zoom — and, of course, Microsoft Teams — have invaded people’s lives to such a degree that some people don’t know where the screen ends and their life begins.

Meanwhile, airlines have been spittling and snorting at the notion that Zoom and the like can replace the joys of business travel.

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker and United’s CEO Scott Kirby have chuckled, respectively but not respectfully, that Zoom calls are plain awful and that the first time a company loses a sale to someone who turns up in person is

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